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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Same Day Same Story
Flash forward a few hours later and both dogs are at the animal shelter. Big Dummy dragging along a 12' chain. Little Dummy followed.

The Animal Shelter is open a mere 4 hours a day. I was a half hour too late. Both dogs will stay in REAL solitary confinement until 11 am when the shelter opens tomorrow. Will cost much money in fees.

Have added eBay auctions to pay for mega fees to break Big Dummy and Little Dummy out of doggie jail.

Please click here to help with this somewhat worthy cause:


Here you can bid to win HUGE lots of prints and/or an original painting of Polished Divas.

It's a good thing we purchased a state of the art radio controlled parameter for a "stubborn dog" (i.e. extra money for extra protection).
And Microchipping.
And 12' chains.


Dog Drama
I can run, but I can't hide. Drama abounds.

Yesterday two of our dogs disappeared- One of them being a puppy. We have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on the electronic dog collars, especially the "stubborn dog" extra strength collar, but our male no longer seems to care that he is being shocked when he gets to close to our fenced perimeter. I have even shaved his neck where the prongs touch skin. I have even checked to see if the durn collar was working by putting my fingers on the prongs and walking towards the perimeter wire. Let me tell you, I'm STILL afraid to walk next to the fence, I simply cannot fathom the thought of the stupid thing being around my neck.

We've also microchipped our dogs and they wear their collars with the tags to call the AVID number if one of them gets lost. Which apparently AVID is not too quick to respond to calls, from what the woman who found my dogs said. But then I highly suspect that she was either very drunk, very stoned, or all of the above.

The funny thing is, I was just going ON and ON about how wonderful my dogs are and how happy they make me in a telephone conversation to my mother Sunday. Must I jinx myself? Stupid, daft orange/blonde girl.

So anyway, my husband I spent HOURS yesterday combing the countryside for our dogs. I was just frantic. I called the animal shelters, police dispatch, and even drove to the animal shelters and was on my way to the police station when my husband called to let me know that AVID called and had found my dogs with the drunk/stoned lady.

After our dogs were safely home, we received another call from somebody who were told we were missing our dogs, and they had found a large sheltie, and did we want it? Um? No.

This morning, and hour out of being let out, Big Dummy, our large male, made a beeline through large fields and to the closest busy road he could find. He is now in solitary confinement, also known as being chained to the front porch.

Ya'll, we have acreage where these dogs are free to run and play. So why? Why must they try to find greener pastures to roam? Ugh. Chaos and drama, and escapee dogs.

(*Edited to add: The puppy does not have an electronic collar because he's too young to wear it yet. Typically, he stays with the other dogs wearing the collar who DO seem to dislike being shocked and DO stay in the yard. This time, however, he followed his Big Dummy father out onto the street. Like father, like son.)
Monday, June 27, 2005
My email is going into a vast Internet blackhole. I am receiving some, but not others. Why me oh Mad Internet Gods?! Are you TRYING to drive me insane?

Hating: Email Vortex

Loving: Being caught up with everything that has been keeping me up at night.

Listening: Pond da Replay by Rhianna

Thinking: I need MUCH more coffee to function.

Planning: To meet Chris Bivins the fabulous artist who's sculpture I have acquired and is naked without a signature.

Wishing: Ramona wasn't abandoning me this week for TEN DAYS to go to the Dakotas. (I know! I didn't know people lived there either! Apparently, there are farms there or something. Oh, and her husband's family.)

Reading: Anna Karenina and Miss Doxie. Loving the latter, liking the former.

Coveting: Many things for my upcoming birthday.

Dreading: My upcoming birthday.
Sunday, June 26, 2005
The Demo
Yesterday was the day that I had to do my "art demo" at the gallery. I was really dreading having to do it mostly because I am not particularity fond of people hovering over me, regardless of whether I'm painting or not. Secondly, I knew people were going to be watching me. Watching me paint! Watching me paint and having expectations- whatever they might be. So in actuality, it wasn't as horrid as I thought it would be . . . Which is typically the case in life and in general. My friend Jeannie sent me some old farmer quotes. Here's one that applies:

* Most of the stuff people worry about ain't never gonna happen anyway.

Here's some that I know but never seem to absorb into my itty-bitty blondish/orangish head:

* Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
* Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't botherin' you none.
* The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with watches you from the mirror every mornin'.

But I digress. Back to the demo.

I'm not sure what demo protocol and etiquette should be. (i.e. Sit in gallery window and paint.) Do I greet and say "hello" to all that enter? Do I try to strike up conversation? Should I ignore them and just paint? Or do I just smile? I wasn't sure so I mixed it up and did a bit of all. Little do ya'll know how seriously neurotic I am about being watched when I paint. If I could make a little painting cocoon, I would. Another dilemma is that I need to sing and sing loudly. Hitting the correct notes is not of importance. Could I even paint without belting out Dido? I wasn't sure. So anyway, I sat down in front of the window and the first couple to watch me where actually putting the pressure on me to paint something . . . I had no idea what to paint. It was suggested that I do something coquettish (not much of a stretch for me, I know. Luckily I knew what coquettish meant. Ha! Just ya try and stump the orange/blonde girl!) I ended up painting this:

"Coquette Sisters"

It's actually been quite some time that I was able to paint creating something created out of my head. I've been doing only commissioned pieces and art for logos for weeks, if not months, and they have all been very specific in need.

Oh! And so then at the end of the demo, my friends Cindy, Kaysha, Lee and Dan all drove from a far away land to come and see me! I was so honored that they trekked all that way! Thanks guys!

Anyway, have a good Sunday. I need to get to work. PS. Listen to Collective Soul's last two albums. They are sure not to disappoint. I've been a fan for quite some time and would have been an even bigger fan had I known how smokin' hot they are.
Saturday, June 25, 2005
Illustration Friday "Hero"
Here's my contribution to this week's theme at Illustration Friday "hero". In all her splendor- I introduce to you SUPER DIVA!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005
What I did Saturday
Painted Divas
For a client.
Friday, June 17, 2005
The Reception
The gallery reception at Kindred Circle Art Gallery went well. Am thankful for the opportunity . . . But thank GAWD it's over. I am throughoughly over-stimulated from the meet & greet and pressure to have the paintings in on time! And now the kids are out of t-ball, softball, school is out, and ALL paintings are IN! IT'S SUMMER! HURRAY! Okay, now if it would only stop raining. And I could get caught up on commissioned pieces (took yet another last night), and housework. Oy vey. Said house is a complete & utter dump thanks to weeks of neglect. (Must remember to check into that whole "rich & wealthy" thing and pursue funds for housekeeper.)

The reception was actually a lot of fun (a special thanks goes out to big ole margaritas beforehand.) Jeff and Manya the gallery owners are just lovely, lovely people. Easy going, and fun. They made the whole experience a very good one. Here's a photo of Jeff, myself & Manya. And why yes, I am really that shiny, big, AND orange (jaundice is the new black). Thanks for asking!

Kindred Circle Gallery

Here's a photo with the girls! (Stacy, me, Ramona)
At the Gallery

Wish I would have remembered to take photos, or have somebody take photos earlier in the night. These photos were taken after the gallery closed and everybody was locking up. Duh.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
It's all good
June 11th was to be the day that all would go back to normal . . . Deadlines would have passed, and I could relax and get to all the other deadlines (non-gallery related) that have been stacking up. But Sunday came and the gallery called stating that they had sold two of my paintings (Before the paintings were hung! Before my show even started! I KNOW!) And could we have two more by Thursday, please?

Um. Yeah? So set me in a tailspin yet again. Don't they know I still haven't picked out an outfit to wear? Don't they care that I have orange flippin' hair? Just finished the second piece, and NO, you can't see it yet. It's still wet. But when it dries, I'll let ya peek, k? But in the meantime, here is the FIRST one of the "Gallery Emergency" series.

See ya Thursday!

PS I have comments now! Glorious, kind comments! Ya'll are just LOVELY. I want each and every one of you to be my best friend. But for some unknown reason, I am not receiving most emails notifying me of comments posted. It's always something with this blog. (And yes, I have my email settings set correctly. Hmph.)
Friday, June 10, 2005
Illustration Friday "Summer"
Beach Instructional

My contribution for this week's theme of "Summer" at Illustration Friday!
Thursday, June 09, 2005
A VERY, very bad hair day
Let me premise this post with the fact that I have naturally dark blonde hair. Okay, dishwater blonde, if you will. Three times a year I go to the salon for a trim and a few strategically placed highlights to give me an overall "blonde" appearance. THIS time I was looking to do something new and exciting. I wanted a dark copper/red color on the underside of my hair with blonde and copper/red chunks highlights. Ya know, like EVERYBODY else is doing? When I tried to explain this to my hairdresser (who I had never gone to before because my beloved Megan up and moved to Oklahoma on me.) I should have known better. My new hairdresser had short hair. Big short hair. Short, big, and curly. And stiff. Extraordinarily stiff. Very short, big, curly and stiff. She had NO idea what I wanted and I did my best to explain it to her. Here's what I did NOT want:

1) To look like Donatella Versace.
2) To have my hair, skin and teeth to be the same color.
3) Have a lovely "brassy" look.
4) To look like I threw a bottle of Miss Clairol on my hair and take it off half way during the bleaching process.
5) To have dark roots immediately after leaving the salon.
6) To spend an exorbitant amount of money to look orange.

Ya'll, I did NOT desire this. AT ALL.

Here's a photo of me taken the day before. Granted it's cheesy and stupid, but I'm trying out doos for my upcoming gallery show and I never, ever curl my hair. I was going for the Portia de Rossi look here. Can't you tell? BAHHHAHAHAHA

Day before hair

And another (even more cheesy. Very Glamshots, don't you agree?)
Just a Cheesy photo

And this is the hideous monstrosity that I sport today:
My orange hairdoo

I'm oh so monotone now. UGH.
Monday, June 06, 2005
Feeling good
I am optimistic that I will have ALL paintings, prints, and feathered tote bags (not yet available on the website) ready by Saturday to take in to my upcoming gallery show. I was sick with some kind of icky flu over the weekend. Do you have any idea how much it sucks to be sick and stress over deadlines? And here is how mentally fatigued I am . . . Last week I signed and packaged all prints. Today I went to add them to my box of prints all set to go to the gallery and guess what? I had ALREADY SIGNED AND PACKAGED an existing set of prints. I mean come ON. I didn't even think it was possible for myself to completely forget a couple hours out of my day to locate 15 files, have them printed up, sign them, and package them and COMPLETELY forget that I had done this. Hours out of my day completely forgotten and erased from my memory. I now have two sets of prints when I need only one. What a spaz I am. Please tell me that spastic behavior is endearing and/or cute. Somebody? Anybody?
Friday, June 03, 2005
Getting to know me in 2005
Welcome to the spring 2005 edition of getting to know your friends.
What you are supposed to do is copy (not forward) this entire email, and then
paste it onto a new email that you'll send. Change all the answers so they apply
to you, and then send this to the people you care about, including the person who sent it to you.

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends, if you did not know them already.

>1. What time did you get up this morning? 8 am to get the kids to the school bus at 8:15.

>2. Diamonds or pearls?...Diamonds

>3. What was the last film you saw at the movies?..... Sin City

>4. What is your favorite TV show?... Six Feet Under, Deadwood, The Bachelor, Anything on HGTV, and ER. I can't decide this!

>5. What did you have for breakfast?...A pot of coffee

>6. What is your middle name?. Marie

>7. What is your favorite cuisine?... Thai or Italian . . . Spaghetti or prime rib

>8. What foods do you dislike?......Green Peppers and Waterchestnuts

>9. What is your favorite chip flavor?... Salt & Vinegar

>10.What is your favorite CD at the moment?... Joss Stone

>11.What type of car do you drive?... Ford Explorer

>12. Favorite sandwich?... Ice cream.

>13. What characteristics do you despise?......Slovenly, rude, attention-seekers, ignorant, pretentious, flaky, prissy/high maintenance

>14. Favorite item of clothing?..... Flannel PJ's

>15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Ireland

>16. What color is your bathroom?......Purple in one, salmon & turquoise in the other

>17. Favorite brand of clothing?... Whatever fits me and doesn't act as a tourniquet or look like a burlap sack.

>18. Where would you retire to? ... Anywhere that's paid off. Or, right here where I live now.

>19. Favorite time of day?...Dusk

>20. What was your most memorable birthday?... My fifth birthday everybody in my class was invited. It was a rager. We rode ponies. Our cat threw up worms. I wasn't hungover the next day.

>21. Where were you born?.... Detroit, MI

>22. Favorite sport to watch?....Barrel Racing (horses) or any sport or team that Alex Rodriguez plays for.

>23. Who do you least expect to send this back to you?... Liz, because she sent me this.

>24. Person you expect to send this back first? Somebody might send this back? Ha!

>25. What fabric detergent do you use?... Why in the Hell would anyone care? Costco brand

>26. Coke or Pepsi?...Pepsi. Diet.

>27. Are you a morning person or a night owl?...NIGHT

>28.What is your shoe size?...9 ½ (Shut up. I'm tall, okay?)

>29.Do you have any pets?.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What pet DON'T I have?!

>30. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with your family and friends?.....Got two new female collie dogs, had a big yet disastrous drama-filled party Memorial Day weekend, have a solo art exhibit coming up, will be going to Las Vegas end of July

>31. What did you want to be when you were little?.... A princess- or horse trainer and/or artist.

>32. When is your Birthday? July 3
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Illustration Friday "Envy"
This week's theme at Illustration Friday is envy. This is my contribution.