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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Illustration Friday "POLAR"
This week's theme at Illustration Friday is "Polar". Here is my submission of "polar opposites".

2 sparkly divas
Friday, April 13, 2007
Illustration Friday "FORTUNE"
I recently created this image for a client. It literally costs a FORTUNE to own a warmblood sport horse . . . They start at 5-figures and can reach over a million for a stud horse. Here is my illo of a diva and her warmblood:


So, that said- This would be my contribution for Illustration Friday's theme of "fortune".
Saturday, April 07, 2007
Illustration Friday "GREEN"
ACK. My website has been down for 2 days now. I am SO irritated with the server. I guess that means I'll be spending hours uploading to the site . . . Which isn't complete and relied on the website. (Did you get or understand any of that?) At any rate, here is my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "GREEN". This is an image created for Celebrity Dirty Laundry:

Celebrity Dirty Laundry
Thursday, April 05, 2007
Stuff I am Digging
I have my obsessions . . . Things that I just can't get enough of. Like that one year that I had to have Cream of Wheat for breakfast, lunch and dinner . . . Only this time I've expanded my horizons. Here is my current list of things I REALLY dig and I think you will as well. (Click on the links for a peek on more)

Amy Winehouse - Okay. So everybody is talking about Amy. But have you seen her My Space page? Love, love, lurve her but it pains me to see her tweaking so bad in her top video interview. I want to take the red-eye to England and fix her up a nice strong drink of charcoal, Benadryl, and Gatorade. A sandwich probably wouldn't hurt either. But listen to "You Know I'm No Good". You will have to agree that songs about carpet burn have never been sexier.

Link Popularity Check - Wonder why you're not making a million dollars selling those patchwork crocheted hankies with smiling pigs? (Although I would totally buy one!) Here's why! Nobody knows you exist and you're not popular! Kinda like high school! (This free download is fantastic, but the site to download it from is often down. Good luck with that.)

Yves Roche Line of Pro-Rentinol 100% Vegetal line. I SWEAR this stuff has erased fine lines and wrinkles. SWEAR it. It is better than anything you can buy in the United States. Why THIS isn't advertised, coveted, and fought over like an Xbox in After-Holiday Sales in Walmart is beyond me. Better yet? Sign up for the newsletter and get 10% off your order. EVEN BETTER? Buy something get a FREEBIE. And guess what? Their night cream in this line is offered as a freebie. FABulous.

Bistro Candles in Persian Amber. Trust me when I say this is the BEST scent in the whole wide world. And being a candle connoisseur, I can honestly say that these are the best that the universe has to offer. And being that they are soy- they last forever and a day.

Summer Dresses. YAY! Dresses are back in style!! I'm beyond excited. And by Old Navy standards, $25 is a lot of money. I've tried and purchased this one, and very much worth every penny and then some. And the good thing about this sassy little number? Hit that summertime keg as much as you want. Bloat and feel good about it, because you will be hot, my friend. Smokin'. I purchased both of the colors they offer. And they aren't hideous and shocking like the online photo. Think soft and has been washed and passed from friend to friend a million times. (But only loved and cherished like a vintage piece would be- Not all stained and wrinkled like that one roommate you had.)

Anything with Frank's Red Hot Sauce. Seriously. A couple dashes on popcorn is a nightly staple for me. Plus you can get it on pretzels (Costco!) Add to eggs, hashbrowns, chili - Or any dinner or meal you can/think or cook up. Spice up your boring old life already. There's really no excuse any more.

If you didn't already realize it before, I love Coleen Young. (See previous post). I have had this pair of earrings for about 3 years and have worn them EVERY SINGLE DAY since I've had them. Of course I've lost one of them a gazillion times (they always show up. Very loyal, these earrings), and have taken them out for special occasions, but these are the most FAB "every day diva" earrings a girl can have. I sleep, eat, breathe, and do nasty things (like yard work!) in them for goodness sake.

Men in Trees
. Please don't let kooky Anne Heche scare you away. You will like her. You WILL. Just think about the time they took away Sex in The City, Twin Peaks,and Friends. Imagine someone snatching your US Weekly, Grey's Anatomy, or Gilmore Girls away from you! How would you feel? Pretty damn lousy I'd imagine. For Gawd's sake they've brought back Jericho- They can make Men in Trees stick around. I need my PG-13 rated sex on television, people. Take a stand with me. Like you have anything better to do on Friday nights. At least your TIVO doesn't.

Steve. Madden. Pony. Hair. Platform. Pumps. I'm dying. If I were to live my life as a shoe it would be these. Please let me die and come back as a Steve Madden shoe.

So what are you obsessions? What are you diggin'? Share! (And I know that some . . . okay, many . . . prefer to share this with me via email instead of to 25,000+ people (see Link Popularity Check above). It's alllll good. I REALLY want to hear from you. Indulge me. Or us.
Tuesday, April 03, 2007
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