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    Art by Shano's Facebook Page
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Sunday, December 16, 2007
3 things to keep you busy
Ever think, hey- I'm bored and I need something to do? Yeah, me neither. If you ever do find yourself with nothing to do, you can either do this or buy this:

Adopt a horse from a shelter. Make sure they are fabulous like this guy (Key is to make sure you have an ill-fitting pink sweatshirt. Nothing reeks of fun and excitement more than human marshmallows!):
Shano and Rusty

Paint a new Cowgirl painting:
Let's Ride
"Let's Ride"

Make sure you have plenty of stylish flasks on hand:

Where to buy? Let me lead the way:
Take a moment to reflect on the upcoming days. Have you truly considered what you're encroaching upon this Holiday season? (Yep, crazy old Uncle George will be there with his exceptionally fabricated stories . . . as well as 15-year-old Cousin Roach with the Mohawk, piercings- and basically hours upon hours of entire evenings filled with painfully forced conversations.) Therefore, my friend, you deserve a cocktail in your back pocket, handbag, or hey . . . Out in the open because you are one stylish fashionista.

Just in case the top three just don't cut it and you REALLY need a FOURTH thing to keep you busy (and stressed!), have a pregnant dog that is 5 days overdue to have puppies, therefore basically chaining you to your house. You will be forced to do domesticated things like cleaning, laundry, and Christmas cards.

So go out and enjoy your Walmart Holiday shopping. Bask in the traffic. Visit the ATM and see how much money you REALLY have in your account. Max out and overextend your credit card and buy things for people who are truly ungrateful. Live it up, already!!