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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Clubbing Baby Seals
I realize that posting on my bl*g at this time of night is SO not a good thing. But it's been so crazy and chaotic that I really need to focus on what has been happening in my life. First, I would like to give a shout out to Autumn! Autumn, you ROCK! And no, Autumn is not a person, it is a season. Like as in Fall. I love fall. I like chilly weather, leaves changing color, the crisp clean smell in the air, and the overall NEWNESS of it all. They say spring is the beginning, but I don't really feel spring. Spring is moody, unpredictable, and temperamental. I like calm, breezy and colorful. Just like me *snort*.

So I have been spending much of my time at charities, parties, poker rides, soccer games, time in the studio, and at the computer. However, it seems as though a majority of it is cleaning up after 18 puppies and the amount of waste they can create in one day. Wanna hear more? I BETTA YA DO! I could go into full detail, but first I want to remind you of just how glamorous my ranch life is and to rub it in your face. I clean puppy poo in a full-length mink coat. Not only a mink coat, but I also have my baby seal fur jacket(That I clubbed myself) that I save for those extra poop days!

In fact, just tonight one of our chickens was injured and for the life of me, I couldn't find my equine antifungal, antiseptic spray. So I had to doctor said chicken in hydrogen peroxide and Athlete's foot spray. Our little hen smells quite fresh and lovely now and is free to roam barefoot in most communal gym lockers without fear of fungal contamination.

Okay, so yeah, it's been busy. Yeah, I'm still addicted to Facebook but haven't had any time to contribute or even keep tabs on what is being said by my so-called blackmailing friends, but the best thing EVAH?! My email box is completely empty for the first time in at least 6 years. And you know what? I can't wait for it to fill back up, but yet the sense of accomplishment is GRAND.

I also did this painting titled "Le Secret". It's French for "The Secret" for all you who couldn't figure that out. Love ya! xo's ~Shano

Le Secret
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Can you share a little?

Chic Galleria
did an interview earlier this month. Check it out:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Cash problem solved
So I have been thinking to myself, "How the heck am I going to spend this overflow of cash that I have?" All this cash has been plaguing me and I simply have more money than I know what to do with. Than BAM, it hits me! Have husband go on strike! Lose all medical benefits, and major source of reliable income. And then I have the best idea in the entire world! Create national economic crisis!! Problem with TOO much money solved. Am brilliant.

So now that we have that little money issue out of the way, what else has been hurting my little brain? Lack of sleep? No. Been there done that. Been complaining about THAT for years. Overhaul of website? Nope. Have already been through that and am doing it again as self-punishment for having too much cash. (Oooh! Speaking of which, check out how the NEW website is headed here:

So I guess that just leaves the most obvious and major problem which is my addiction to Facebook. Ya'll, I had no idea that Facebook was NOT Myspace. My ignorance was blissful. I simply didn't know any better. It's like going from BonBons to crack. Yeah. It's THAT good. While admittedly, I have never actually done crack, I'm assuming it's fantastic stuff. Just look at how Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston turned out. If only somebody had pointed them in the direction of Facebook, I'm sure they'd have a WHOLE different outlook on life. But then I happen to to find batshit crazy women very entertaining. An intervention from me won't be coming any time soon.

Speaking of which, my Facebook time is going to be UBER limited. I am cracking down (cracking down! Funny me!) on time spent on FB and concentrating on new fabulous website so people can merrily spend their Holiday shopping on my website. Life is grand and I have it all figured out.

Look at what crack makes you do to your hair. Facebook claims no craziness on outer portions of head.



You know, they just don't make pointy metallic hair dangle pretties for the forehead like they used to. This makes me sad.
Thursday, October 02, 2008
I am in the midst of doing a complete website overhaul. First, I would like to announce that I have more payment options which according to some of you makes you as giddy as a schoolgirl - even the dudes. The only "thing" is that in 8 years of painting, I have one heckava portfolio and what stays and what goes is going to be hard. It seems that the top sellers have been the top sellers for almost that many years. They bore me. I'm sick of them. They were done a lifetime ago and I'm wishing them a restful peace in Internet Heaven because I know they will never go away and some brainiac will find them and say, "Oh, where did such and such go? Because I cannot continue on without that piece!" Only they won't have the title of the work. Only a description and I will have 50 matches and we will have lively on-going corespondence for weeks upon weeks. Oh yes. I look forward to those conversations now.

I only wish I could be like DVF and say, "You want more silk jersey wrap dresses? I'll give you some more M'effin' silk wrap jersey dresses!" Although I'm pretty sure that Diane probably never referred to her fab dresses as M' effin', but I can only imagine that she was mighty preoccupied in learning the techniques of 1980's pancake makeup, shoulder pads, and etiquette lessons from Coco Chanel, all the while rolling around in massive piles of cash to give a rat's ass regarding ONE more pattern of silk jersey wrap dresses.

And to the point. I am so not rolling in dough. Not even applying pancake makeup (as of 10/02/2008). However, how many "Multitaskers" and "Warmbloods" can I do before ya'll say STOP IT NOW?! I might just become the Thomas Kincaid of "diva" art where I have other people tweaking my existing art and signing it under my direction and name. Now WTF didn't I think of that first?

Oh yeah. Control freak thing. I paint my own paintings.

So bare with me. My blog and facebook is kept most recent, but yeah. Not always so punctual. Let me count the ways I suck. Better yet, do it for me. Extra credit for mispelled words or improper grammar. It's late and Diane and I are going to work on pancake make up techniques. Mainly blue eyeshadow.

Peace out.