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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
My cPanel
Beth of Finally inspired me to refind my cPanel (does that just sound dirty, or is it just me?) and see where my stats were coming from. (Okay, yeah. Um. DEFINITELY dirty.) If you ever lose your cPanel info with your hosting info (For you computer savvy people that DON'T have your minds in the gutter), you might as well go looking for the Easter Bunny. My computer(s) have crashed so many times that I had given up all hope, but this time, thanks to Beth I was determined. It's been one of those nagging little things driving me crazy.

And I feel badly. All these sites were showing the love, and I turned my unknowing back to them.

Starting now. Blogging more. Again. I saw the move "Julie & Julia" (gag). I AM A NEW PERSON.

(Yeah. We'll see how that goes.)
Thursday, April 15, 2010
Holy Crap
August 6, 2009 was my last post? Where does the time go? What a flippin' slacker! But this time of year is always superDEEduper busy and if you read on, I'll tell you all about it and that I may or may not have a very good excuse for not posting more often.

Let's start with if you're in the Fremont area of Seattle. My work can be seen in the Fremont Space until April 30th.

And then on May 7th it's on to the "Blue Ribbon" Show at Benjamin Benjamin in Hood River, OR

Meanwhile, I will have work in the Seagrass Gallery for the Mother's Day tour on Camano Island, WA (natch).

And making me giddy with anticipation is the Special Mother's Day Blend by Dusty Cellars Winery featuring the art of yours truly. 14.4% alcohol yo. And so far, they haven't produced a red that I haven't absolutely LOVED.

Next up . . . The clothing and accessories line. But I'll save that for next week. Want to be in the know, and probably receive a little TMI? Join me on Facebook or Twitter.