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Friday, May 23, 2008
Every Day
Every day, no SERIOUSLY. EVERY day I think I should be posting to my blog. Obviously that hasn't happened in quite some time. A little background on me: I'm the epitome of the oldest child syndrome- the classic overachiever. Yet somehow I never quite overachieve. I fill my life with obligations that are ludicrous and the proverbial plate always filleth over.

One thing I have been meaning to address is the "Wife Swap" thing. To refresh your memory (because mine often needs to be and I am presumptuous in thinking that we are SO much alike) is that I was asked to participate in the show by the producers of Wife Swap. After talking with my family, they were all about it although skeptical (Okay, the adults were skeptical - 50% to be exact). And after filling out mass paperwork and interviews that made me feel like an escaped convict distributing resumes as a panty DNA tester at the FBI, I never heard back from them. I take this as a very good sign in that my family is simply too normal to be a part of the show (So I tell myself.) So there you have it. Occasionally I am rereminded by the good people with sufficient and functioning memories to recall such details that I was asked to participate in the FIRST place.

So, 'sup wit me? I have been SUPERBLY busy with life. Not only art with galleries, boutiques, shows, retail/wholesale orders, and logos . . . but with puppies, life, kids, volunteering, horses, ranch life. And most importantly- that big pink girlicious shack where the biggest spiders in all of Washington State have come to die every winter has been gutted and cleaned. This means my creative space (art studio) is back. I have so many more original paintings to share!!!

So let me start by sharing my Etsy page: I hope to add my one of a kind dog tag necklaces there very soon. ("very soon" being quite interpretive, especially in dog years). The thing about Etsy is that frequently I have killer deals on products that beg for a life without spiders and/or pink girliciousness.

Another- studio photos. Painting images soon! (horses, fairies, mermaids, etc.) I have a a number of upcoming local shows coming up that I'm trying to get enough pieces for. There's just never enough time for it all. Yet because I love you and respect you SO much, I am sacrificing the time to do a blog entry because I know how important it is to you (Are you gagging yet? Little bit of throw-up in your throat?)

Without further ado:

outside STUDIO night

work AREA


work AREA