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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
I'm so boring
When I first started this whole Internet thing back in the dark ages, I was one of forerunners with Ebay and HTML tags, AOL, and all that good stuff. And get this . . . I had a life! Now it seems that marketing online takes FAR more time than actually creating art. The market is saturated with other artists who caught on to this newfangled Internet thing and recently I have been spending a majority of my time researching SEO, keywords, getting noticed on Etsy, gaining more followers on Instagram, and getting Pinned on Pinterest (that was a funny). And this blog is so dusty and old- Just wondering is anybody out there? That's okay if not. I enjoy my own company. *crickets*
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
My day is like this:

Every day is pretty much like this though. My Mom is coming into town this weekend. Little does she know that she will be helping me with Project Organize. What is funny is that I'm very organized, but once I start feeling overwhelmed by STUFF I fall into a downward spiral of disorganization. I just wish I didn't love STUFF so much. I'm such a sentimental fool. But people like being in my home even though it's never clean enough by my standards- there is always lots to see and I've been repeatedly told how cozy it is. I have friends that live bare minimally in what seems like the VERY clean homes. Not me! My home will never have a sterile feeling. My home you can accidentally break shit and I'll be like, oh. Yeah. Bummer. It's just STUFF.

But I digress. Topic at hand: Art. I have been really trying to add more and more prints to Etsy and I have 124 items right now and many more to add. It's actually really fun going through old files and finding paintings that I created and forgot all about! Many of them are inspiring to re-do some of them in more of the style I paint now. Some of them are more cartoon-like than what I paint now, but still whimsical. But check out my Etsy shop and tell me what you think. I'd love some feedback and feel free to tell me things that just aren't working for you. That's the critical stuff I need to know!

Don't feel like copying and pasting the link? Look over to your left and there is my Etsy shop under Eye Candy. Time is precious people!