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    Art by Shano's Facebook Page
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Too much of nothing
Some days, okay most days, I want to do everything. I become so engrossed in everything that I do nothing. For example I just signed up to DIGG. Right now I really have no idea what that means other than I like a story or article. Same with StumbleUpon. I like it, I told somebody out there that I like it. Who I am telling this to, or sharing with is really unknown to me. Of course I could read the FAQ's, but I get spun around. I have a good sense of direction, but my ADD rears it's ugly head and I find I'm learning only bits and pieces of a whole. So I spend time exploring these technology vortexes in hopes that someday I'll know exactly what I'm doing while actually DOING it. It is a series of tangly spider webs with too many directions to venture off in, and inevitably I choose the wrong path further sidetracking me from what I was doing. Information Highway? No. It's downtown LA in rush hour with a 5 car pile up.

The Internet is so vast with knowledge that honestly my brain can't handle it. I want to learn PhotoShop and do all the things that the kewl kids are doing. Did you know you can take free tutorials on YouTube? You can pay a monthly fee to learn just about anything at (It took me 10 minutes to remember the name of this site thus adding further frustration in my quest for knowledge.)

Right now I am still trying to figure out shipping on my shopping cart and I am completely over-thinking the tables and scales mixed with *GASP* International shipping to boot. My brain is swimming. Don't even get me started on marketing, small business, and being a WAHM, as well as an artist. Just the information sites pointing to other information sites completely overwhelm me. The Internet is crack. Why can't I quit you?