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Friday, June 26, 2009
Where have I been?

Here in Western Washington, also known as the Seattle area there is a great phenomenon known as the sun. When it very seldom chooses to show itself, the entire population goes missing from the Internet. I am no exception. It's been sunny. I've been MIA.

Also, I have been moving from my static desktop to the portable laptop. I have a new sense of freedom. However, moving important docs, pics, and programs has been far more consuming than ever imagined. Namely forgotten passwords and Vista having a strong distaste for anything vintage.

We are getting ready to take a big road trip from WA State to Michigan. This is also quite time consuming. Today was spent researching which class trailer hitch I have on my vehicle, adjustable ball hitches (hee), tongue weights (hee), and round bar weight distributors, also known as sway bars. Sadly, I now know what all this means. Makes me almost want to be a dude and grow a pair. Okay. Not really. In actuality it makes me want to run to my shoe pile and jewelry collection and hug and kiss each and every one and give them names which end in a "y".

I have been riding my horses a lot more. In fact, I am covered in a protective layer of horse dirt. I really want to wash it off. There's really nothing magical about it.

I haven't been painting so much because I am a bit distracted with the sun, our trip, and purty horses and the such. Oh, and two litters of puppies within weeks of each other really takes up a LOT of time.

But if you want to see my latest originals and more artwork it can be seen here:

and here:

And exciting news! My art will be on the cover of the not yet released album: Cathryn Beeks Ordeal!

I'm going to have to call it a night now. Sweet dreams!

PS Speaking of which- I purchased Jewel's new Lullaby album which, I know. To each their own, but I am thinking that this is the prettiest music next to Enya that I have EVER heard.