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Sunday, October 11, 2015
Again with the mother effin' insomnia
It's getting worse. So much worse. I have had this problem since I can remember, other than being in college and not being able to STAY awake. I spent so much time sleeping in libraries, on grass on the campus, and literally in class. I don't know that person any more. I usually go to bed at around midnight with the help of Klonzapan . . . or two if need be. If I find myself getting anxious I will take a half of an ambien. Lately it's been a whole ambien, like tonight because I'm sick of this crazy ass sleep pattern where I wake up 4 or 5 hours wide awake. That's how it went down tonight. One Klozapan, one FULL ambien at 1:40 am. Wide the fuck awake at 2 am. I have found that eating a large meal or especially carbs will mess with my sleep which did not happen tonight. I'm not dumb. I even read that your nymph nodes drain on the left which aids in digestion, so I chilled on my left. No complex carbs to spike my sugar level. Take notes to other hippy dippy things I have done to ensure sleep. Endorphin's and serotonin levels. Sleeping next to you lover can reduce these stresses and produce happy hormones. Does it work? OMG yes. I can cuddle like a mo' fo and get all the best benefits of it and he doesn't even know I'm occupying his space. He is the best sleeper EVER. So my sleep in in shifts. Once I have found homes for all of my collie puppies I can concentrate on painting which I am JUST DYING to get to again. I am completely Jonesing to start painting without out all of this nonsense. Autumn is so very inspirational to me. I can wait to create more in this theme. Poker and Pumpkins charity event is coming soon. One of my favorite parties to attend!

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