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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So this is one of the newest paintings. I would be painting more but life seems to keep me quite occupied in other directions. "Occupied" being code for clusterf*ck of disorganization, drama, and excitement. So there you have it.

Please comment. Please email. I welcome the much needed distraction. Seriously, I could entertain you for days on the upheaval in my life . . . But at this point, I wouldn't know where to start. Soap Operas 'aint got nottin' on me- Other than of course infidelity, teen pregnancies, and actors playing doctor. Because I don't have that. Yet. Don't rule it out though, the night is still young.

I love seeing the orange and the blue together.

1:53 PM  

well i could sum it up to "drama queen"? 8) we all have our dramas in life.. soap operas just over-do it sometimes ha! (it doesnt have the same effect on me too)

anyway thanks for droppin by my other blog. my main one is this tho:

7:04 AM  

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