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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Illustration Friday "PHOENIX" and Xmas Stuff
Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was fabulous. Went to Vegas to visit my family for four days. It was nice to see the family. Received many a fine gift, did more shopping, conspired with sisters, lost money gambling, gained 4 lbs from the copious amounts of free-flowing carbs that me Mum displays in an artful arrangement. Didn't take any photos this year due to the huge third chin I was sporting. Honestly, I have never had a bigger zit/cyst in my life. Jay Leno had nothing on me.

My 86 year old grandma took me aside to let me know that she warned my husband that he'd better treat me right and take good care of me, or else she would haunt him. ("And I'm serious" she tells me with a stern look.) However, said husband didn't mention their serious talk. Hm.

Flew home during severe weather "Wind Warnings" for all of Nevada. And oh gee. Did I mention how vr vr much I JUST LOVE FLYING? Thank gawd for happy pills and a bloody mary. But arrived home safely and all animals are alive, fat and happy. (Much like 4 lb heavier self.) And I have a New Year's Resolution this year and that is to keep better track of finances and find out where all my money is going. Candles? Wine? Clothing? Mochas?

Okay, so on to Illustration Friday submission. This image has always reminded me of someplace deserty. Could be Phoenix, AZ. - Am brilliant!

Lone Cowgirl

"Lone Cowgirl" can be found here.
Friday, December 08, 2006
Illustration Friday "MASK"
I am going to be hideously boring by not saying anything other than- Here is my submission to ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY'S theme of "MASK". (Too much going on in my head, and not enough brain cells to keep said thoughts contained properly). If you like my painting, she can be found here.