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Friday, December 08, 2006
Illustration Friday "MASK"
I am going to be hideously boring by not saying anything other than- Here is my submission to ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY'S theme of "MASK". (Too much going on in my head, and not enough brain cells to keep said thoughts contained properly). If you like my painting, she can be found here.

you could never be boring! She is perfect!!!

11:33 AM  

Wonderful painting! I really like your colors... very soft and beautiful.

1:01 PM  

this reminds me of catherine zeta jones in the mask of zoro

2:51 PM  


3:33 PM  

Stunning piece!

5:32 PM  

Very beautiful, elegant. Simply nice.

6:12 PM  

She's very mysterious! I love the glossy black hair...very 40s movie-star-ish:>

6:16 AM  

hiiii, wouuu im finding some beautiful places ,and related to painting ,love it! ...i hoper to see more cool works ..see u
kiss, do u work with oil painting too?

8:17 AM  

lov the hi lites in her hair a true bella donna

8:25 AM  

mysterious and beautiful!

10:25 AM  

lovely work!

1:12 PM  

I'm drawn to the necklace... makes me think of the old German folklore about the woman with the velvet strap around her neck...

5:46 PM  

thats a very nice piece!

1:44 PM  

Very nice. And if you call yourself hideously boring again, I'm going to have to...

Oh wait, I've given up threatening people. ;-)

3:00 PM  

This is great!

1:36 PM  

Hi Shano,
Who hides behind this mask?
It's you?
I like his green eyes!
I like your illo! So cute!
Have a nice week

7:07 PM  

really great work here! Nice job on the illustration, it brings back the thought of the black and white films.

7:10 PM  

I like much the color of hair, with blue reflections !

7:24 AM  

Wow! may I have this dance? beautiful!

8:52 AM  

That's a beautiful painting! I love the blue shade in the hair. The texture is really cool too! Great work :)

7:53 AM  

Hey, just an fyi, your email box is full. :-)

3:36 AM  

lord almighty! you are funny! i have absolutely no earthly idea how i ran across your blog... ya know you just keep clicking links.... anyhoo... love your stuff! :)

12:15 AM  

Very nice - we all have certain masks that we wear. I also noticed your Gilmore Girls comment below - love that show!!! Hope all is wonderful! Happy holidays to you and your family!!

7:22 AM  

hi!!!!!!!!! im here to tell you happy marry christmas!!! i hope u have a beautiful christmas with all your family , full of love and peace!!!!...big hug!!!

8:09 AM  

Hi Shano,
Merry Xmas for you and your familly !
Full of gifts !
Happy day !

7:51 PM  

she reminds me of the girl from 'the mask of zorro'... very beautiful! keep up the great work! someday i'll be able to get an original. by the way, have any paintings with friesians??? they are the love of my life. :)

7:54 AM  



6:31 AM  

that´s what i first thought too: she reminds me of catherine zeta jones. lovely painting!

11:48 PM  

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