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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
In the Bedroom
Okay. So you are probably thinking I haven't been doing much. Just sitting around watching Gilmore Girls, reading my Jane mag, and what not. Or maybe you simply don't care. Or perhaps you accidentally ended up visiting me and my blog and don't even speak English. But whatever. The point is- I have been vr vr hard at work. In between my dog breeding gig, getting thrown from horses, and then the whole family and kids thing, having a life . . . I have been painting. Yippee! And best yet, I have proof! Have I updated my website? HAIL NO. Oh well. Kinda. You should check out my Portfolio page, Me page, and well I edited down the News page because really now. Who wants to know about upcoming events that happened in 2005? So stop distracting me now because I really want to show you what I have been doing!

First, there is the Etsy page. Still have much to do with that, but I have sale prices (shh) on a new large sized paper I was trying out.

So on to the new paintings already! I will add them individually to the website soon. Soonish. Here's a photo of how you would sleep if you were me:


And do you see the ghost? I didn't know I had a ghost in my house, but quite obviously that is a ghost in front of the "je ne sais quoi" painting (Red Ladies). Either that, or the camera lens is smudged. I think it's a ghost.

What do you think?

And do you see my little map to the left? What is up with that? Why am I not feeling the love from those from central Africa and Siberia? What did I ever do to them?

Hi Shano,
I don't see the ghost!
I see the bedspread, it's very beautiful! Nice colors! I love!
Have a nice dreams and excellent weekend!

9:41 PM  

that is my dream room!!!! purple is my favorite color and I love your painitns sooo much!!

5:33 PM  

I see the ghost, which is actually me haunting you. And love the new paintings. You inspire me! :-)

I didn't realize you were a gypsy.

6:21 AM  

love the bedroom and new've been fair, I want a ghost and I never get to have one...:)

7:32 PM  

How inexpressibly lovely your living space is!

3:43 PM  

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