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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Good things come to those who check their mail
Last week was an interesting mail week as far as snail mail comes. First the good, and every girl should have one of these:

I received this little number from Crown and Tiara. What you can't see is how sparkly she is. The tank. It's a she. Some things are not inanimate objects even if they really ARE inanimate objects . . . And for obvious reasons. Look at the gobs of personality that you can purchase and wear. Isn't life good?

And then also in the mail I received 3 $150 travel vouchers from America West for my "troubles". Officially, I didn't complain. Just on the bl*g. Do you think they visited my bl*g?! Wouldn't that be exciting? Hi America West! You rock! Thanks for the vouchers!! Feel free to misplace my luggage and force me to stay extra days in Vegas ANY TIME.

Speaking of Vegas and speaking of things that came in the mail . . . I received my hospital bill for when I was in the hospital for food poisoning. Are you ready? Seriously. Take a seat. $6500!!! (I owe $300 of it thanks to my insurance deductible.) And the best part? $95 x's 3 for the bags of saline and whopping $13 for morphine. Makes you rethink your priorities doesn't it? Rehydrating/living vs. killer pain meds. I think I'll take the morphine for $13, Alex.

And to top off the exciting mail week . . . My Jane mag came. Who says I'm not easy to please?

So on to other things since I'm not a roll (caffeine). I have a MySpace page cuz u know, all the kool kidz r doin' it. (Doesn't it make you want to gouge your eyeballs out when I type like a prepubescent mallrat?) Anyway, you can see more of me if you haven't QUITE gotten enough, at Be my friend and make me look more popular than I actually am.

And the grand finale . . . Illustration Friday! Yay! Theme for the week is "Match". So here is my submission for this week's theme . . . because you know, they match.
Diva Party (same dress)

Bye now. 'Til next time. It's sunny and I need to pry myself away from the puter.


i like that u used almost all blue for this with touches of the other colores hope they dont break a heel.

4:12 PM  

Wow, so much going on this week! Love this piece! You are just so fabulous!

6:04 PM  

Nice illo. I've always wanted a matching pair like that. :-)

Off to check your myspace. Toodles!

6:43 AM  

I can not even believe that about the hospital bill! That is just outrageous! Crazy. . .I love your Match. The little dresses and wine. Fabulous - I love the way you did the legs and feet. Your illustrations are so luxurious and beautiful. Fantastic colors - always!

4:40 PM  

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