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Sunday, July 23, 2006
And it was going SO well
Well, I tried. I was going to post EVERY day about my trip in Vegas. I was. My intentions were honorable.

Day Two: As it turns out, my Dad had the KA date wrong and it wasn't until the following day so Dad invited me to Alize. The food and view would have been better had my Dad not been stuffed in a corner and banging his head (literally) on the supporting beam of The Palms. But I was introduced to a fantastic new wine. May I highly recommend L'cole 41 merlot which I never would have tried because they have a really stupid wine label. (who says you can't judge a wine by its label?) I really hope I didn't offend the 5 year old who designed it. Afterwards we went to Ghost Bar for a drink. But since we both had to wake up early, we called it a night at 11 pm. Early by Vegas standards.

Day Three: It was to lovely Baker, CA to meet my sister whom for the record, DOES NOT LIVE THERE, Heaven forbid. We were merely meeting at the half way point from Vegas and So Cal. May I never see, visit, or think of Baker again, which is really. REALLY. Hell on earth at 112 degrees and scummier than a dingleberry.

Later that evening was the actual day that me Mum and I went to KA. What to say about KA? It was amazing. Simply amazing. I cannot put into words how fantastic that show was. It was so visually stimulating that I had tears a couple of times. Could have been the wine. Could have been that I am an overly emotional artist geek, or maybe. Just maybe. It was that amazing. (Please tell me that I sound just like Katie Holmes with all my "amazing"s cuz that would be just RAD and amazing.) After that we went to Wolfgang Puck's. The food was good but the main course came while I was a few bites into my salad. Bug. Major buggage.

Day Four: Okay. From this point forward, I don't remember so I'll summarize. I've never been good at story-telling, keeping time frame of events, or even the major characters for that point.

Went swimming a lot. Got a tan. (Who'd have thunk that? You'd have to see my pasty see-through skin to appreciate this.) Oh! Oh! I think on Day Four my Dad and I went to the fights at The South Coast Casino. I actually had a fabulous time. Mike Tyson was there waiting in line for hot dogs like everybody else. The men in front of us were giving blow by blows (do you like my apropos use of simile used?) of what Mike was doing every 5 minutes. Poor stupid men to idolize a convicted rapist. Anyway, much fun was had. After the first 3 fights everybody left so we took abandoned seats in the front row. Which was televised. Did you see me on ESPN? Of course not. You presumably have a life.

As usual I gambled and lost money. On Friday we met up my youngest sister and her new boyfriend. If the poor guy stays with my sister after meeting me, he is a prince in disguise. I really did scare the young lad. At one point I realized that he wasn't getting my dry sense of humor and tried to explain that I have the exactly like my sister . . . Only bigger. And Smarter. And funnier. And blonder. All this was met with a blank look. Only UNTIL my sister laughed did he dare laugh. He's a keeper that one. The next night we went gambling at Sam's Town. Those durn penny machines will rob me blind. The next morning my sister's terrific new boyfriend treated the three of us to Wynn's FAB FAB FABULOUS buffet. Being the gluttonous bastard I am, this was greatly appealing. The following evening we were treated to Buca Di Bepo for more fabulous dining with kids, parents, sister and terrific new boyfriend (TNB for short). YumMMY. (Food, not TNB. You'd have to ask my sister about that one.)

So to make a long week short, we BBQ'ed, met with Grandparents, ate, gambled, shopped, and swam some more. The last night we were there, the entire family went to the Excaliber Casino for The Tournament of Kings. Of course I've seen these jousting shows a handful of times, but the kids absolutely LOVED it. I particularly liked the large, muscular, shirtless men. And the horses. In that order.

And then as the day comes to leave . . .


Drama rears its ugly head.

I am so blindingly sick with food poisoning (from bad wine from my Dad's wine vault. Corks that were once beige in color should not be black. Natch.) that I spent EIGHT HOURS in the emergency room triage on IV to replenish my fluids that were lost in very unlady-like and unspeakable ways. There was a time when they thought it might be appendicitis and I had to have a cat scan. The good news was I was doped up on morphine, and the better news was that it wasn't my appendix.

A few days later I try to find a flight home (America West doesn't offer standby) and the soonest they can get me back to Seattle is 4 days later which as it turns out, I greatly needed to recuperate. So Saturday comes and we get safely on the plane . . . only to be deboarded because the engine is leaking fluid. (!?) Two hours later we are told that it is going to be ANOTHER two hours longer at the least. So I rescheduled for another flight and had them pull my bags from the plane. I waited ANOTHER HOUR to receive 4 out of 6 of my bags.

At this point I had a minor, okay major breakdown. In airport. Witnessed by many (ESPN probably got this as well.)

Went back to parents' for the night and here I am. Still in Vegas. Leave for the airport in an hour. Still don't know where my other two bags are. Either does America West. I'll keep you posted. Wish me well and wish me an undrama-like day because I do not fare drama well. Not at all.

ouch..that is why I do not fly...and I had a similiar er trip last fun, glad you had a few extra days to travels home!

12:22 PM  

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