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Friday, July 28, 2006
Illustration Friday "CLEAN"
This week's theme at Illustration Friday is "clean". Here is my submission, "Bubble Bath Diva":


very nice work - lovely style. and your colors are brilliant as always.

10:31 AM  

nice and clean, the way i love to be in....bubble bath! great style and colors :)

2:26 PM  

great bubble bath!

7:24 PM  

Great illo! As always, love your style! OK, I took a look at your portfolio and saw your cosmetic bags - I WANT!! I'm doing Christmas shopping (the only thing that saves me on these 95 degree days) and I'm definitely ordering from your site but I don't see the accessory bags which I know my girl friends will love! Plus I am a bag junkie and will have to get one for me - just to try it out - you know - make certain that they really are great gifts and that I won't have to keep them all...ah hum.....

6:05 AM  

I knew before I even opened your page that there would be some gorgeous lady lounging in a bubble bath! Ah...if only my world was as leggy and luxurious as the world in your paintings! I adore these peach tones with just the right touches of blue...pure delight, Shano:>

7:03 AM  

great colors, great image. Clean rules.

11:49 AM  

Bubblicious! :-)

6:08 PM  


The Tart
; *

8:57 PM  

i like your work a lot the expresion and the colors

10:40 PM  

Love your work! She looks sexy in the bathtub!

1:56 AM  

another wonderful painting love th epeach colored wall and her glass of wine on the floor looks lik eshe has every thing to be clean inside and out

12:50 PM  

always great illo!!!

4:18 PM  

She's so graceful! Love the soft palette of the illo!

5:03 PM  

I don't know who has nicer legs...the girl or the tub!?!

8:29 PM  

Beautiful style and colours - as allways. Here is a glamour-lady - elegant even in her bathtub! Great.

11:23 AM  

Wonderful colors in that pink bubbles! Our pieces are similar this week as far as the bath, the candle and the wine but wow did you go all out with your bubbles! I love those bubbles!

5:21 PM  

This is fantastic! I love the colors and the whole composition. I actually have a tub just like this - painted the outside red with black feet. And is there such thing as a bath without red wine? I think not. . .anyway really - really good! I am excited to scope out your paintings in more detail. Gorgeous work!

6:17 PM  

that girl will be really clean after that

10:34 AM  

Wonderful illo.
I think she needs a bigger tub. :-)

3:56 PM  

Hi Shano,
I will like to take a bath with she ! Very beautiful!
Have a nice night

7:12 PM  

Soft bubbles, soft curtain, and soft lighting. Very relaxing image! Love the red tub...very sexy!

11:10 AM  

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