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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Word of the Day - "annoyed"
Do you know what annoys me more than when people drive slow in the fast lane, more than when people talk during movies, or EVEN more than people who smack their food when they chew?

When computers crash. Permanently.

RIP Compaq computer, you bastard virus-ridden machine.

So, the last week or so has been spent getting my new Dell to accept all my personal quirks and hardware. She's been putting up one heckava fight, let me tell you. She's a stubborn one, this Dell. May I break her spirit. She WILL do the networking, yes she will. I already managed to coerce her, very unwillingly I might add, into working with my large format scanner and Wacom tablet. I know she can do it. She's just all . . . Quiet. And fast. Still waters run deep sort of computer. And don't even get me started on remembering passwords that were stored as cookies. This new one plays all innocent- like she has no idea what my passwords are.

So yes. Annoyed. And do you want to hear what else annoys me since I'm on a roll?

Listening to the same music over and over and over again. Why? Why am I still hearing Avril Levine and Ashley Simpson on the radio? Why? Are they even still recording music? And have you ever heard of Leona Naess? Why not? She's fabulous and has more talent in her little finger than does Ashley and her blonde sister and blonde father put together. But no. I get stuck listening to the same pop crap every day until I want to yank my radio out of the dashboard, strangle it, then strangle it some more. (*Edited to add- The new album on Leona's site seems a little dark than what I care for. Her past albums have "catchy" upbeat songs. Cheery music! Yay! Everybody get happy! Karaoke waHOO!)

Men that spit. Why? Why must they spit? And men that chew? Okay. I can safely speak on the behalf of ALL the women on the planet and say that it's beyond disgusting. Just the thought of a chew bottle/bucket/whatever causes a vomit backup in my throat. A young guy friend of ours had a wad so big in his lower lip that I couldn't even look at him while he talked. It's just nasty, guys. Chewing + Spitting = yucky. Even spitting without the chew- Ew. I went to the country fair yesterday and was afraid to sit in the grass after seeing all these men just walking and spitting. But what I really want to know is- WHY? Do you have more saliva than women? Do you think it makes you look cool? Because it doesn't. Really. I wouldn't kid you about these things.

Laundry. Laundry is annoying the hell out of me. I'm going to burn all white clothing because I hate white clothing. With white clothing means sorting white socks. I hate sorting socks- such a menial mind-numbing task. Oh, why couldn't all of our socks have died instead of my lovely Compaq? It just ISN'T fair. I'm seriously thinking of joining the crips or the bloods or some other gang just so that I don't have to do white laundry. Bonus- I look much better in red or black. Nearly all of my clothing is black, and red just happens to be my favorite color. Not to mention that it would be really cool to flash gang signs and tag freeway overpasses.

Art? Oh yeah that. Yes, I have been creating stuff. And yes, I know I promised to show you some. And yes, I am fully aware I haven't posted illos the last two weeks at Illustration Friday, but I am in mourning. My computer died. Along with it went many important things like all POP3 info and family digital photos. (Don't even get me started on email issues.) And I do understand that it's a bl*g named "Art by Shano", but I really need you to like me for me now, okay? Like those of you who have been sharing your favorite female singers. You rock.

Compaq computer 2001 - 2006

PS Don't tell me all about your wonderful MAC computer because I just don't swing that way.

Ok, I won't tell you about my flawless wonderful perfect Mac computer, and I won't tell you that I sometimes chew tobacco (and not because men have more saliva than women, but because there is nothing better than spitting into a campfire), but I will tell you that your post made me laugh. So there.

9:37 PM  

LOL...I am in a similiar mood (for different reasons however)and I hate cheery music...I want to hear something you could open a vein to ;) Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch...that sort of thing

maybe you should start your own gang?...the initiation could involve white socks, chewing tobacco and a jessica simpson song that plays on a loop for infinity....

and hell, put up what you want, when you's always worth the wait

12:08 PM  

You so rock - love the computer rant. Agree on men that spit. Seriously agree on Levine and Simpson. . .ugh!
Drawing a blank but fav. fem. singers or bands . .Cibo Matto and Jane Jenson. .

9:17 PM  

I have a compaq too and this thing has died on me so many times, it's like a cat with 9 lives or something. we love you for who you are, don't worry!!! the whole chewwing and spitting thing, Oh My God, I completely agree with you. the most disgusting thing in the world. I can watch surgeries on tv and change diapers, but chewing and spitting, I will not stand for!!!

12:31 PM  

OK, I won't talk about my husband's compaq (running on the Milleninum OS, an operating system for which Bill Gates should be tarred and feathered for I don't care HOW much money he gives to charities) that we have limping on serious life support and my flawless Mac, oh, I was supposed to talk about that...sorry.... I will give a moment of silence out of respect for your loss............ ok, done.

This post totally cracked me up and I needed the laugh! You're a great writer and artist - I really look forward to seeing your pieces when you get to posting. Until then - take care!

2:08 AM  

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