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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Illustration Friday "CLEAR"
How 'bout this? They are drinking CLEAR martinis? Good, eh? Clevah for this week's theme of "CLEAR" at Illustration Friday, riiiiigght?

Shaken Not Stirred

Okay. I got nuthin'.

lol lov it. ive been there soo many times. and hey who cares. u got something and it works.

11:36 AM  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:47 AM  

I liked it, nice composition

12:03 PM  

Meee-ow! So you stretched it a bit...i always love seeing your feline ladies:> They are clearly elegant!

12:27 PM  

There are martinis in there? I didn't notice :D

1:10 PM  

I've always liked your ladies as well. I like my martinis with a bit of cranberry and lime aka cosmos. I have to tell you I read your 100 things along time ago and loved them very funny and charming.

4:20 PM  

those are some sexy martinis!! :) love them!

7:51 PM  

Clear bikinis? an idea for next time

Good work!

6:16 AM  

If they were serving them, I'd be drinking them.

Nice job.

10:10 AM  


10:18 AM  

I have whatever they're having...and "clear bikinis" was a great suggestion from terry ;)

7:33 AM  

ryeeeet!!! You are a clevah dahling! Love this and so nice to hear from you!

2:34 PM

1:03 PM  

cute ladies!!

8:05 PM  

I think it is wonderful. AND, there is one of them for each part of the day, which is also nice. :-) Great lines.

4:15 AM  

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