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Friday, September 29, 2006
Illustration Friday "QUIET"
Not only is "QUIET!" something I scream out my windows on an hourly basis to my dogs, but "quiet" is something I long for every night. Being a chronic insomniac with a husband who not only talks in his sleep but sings, laughs, and yells all the while in a peaceful slumber- "Quiet" is the most lovely of subjects. Hence, my submission for this week's theme at Illustration Friday. She can also be found here.

Sweet Dreams

Lovely, peaceful painting. I love the shape of her hand, and the reds and blues are beautiful.

9:28 AM  

Beautiful. Love you style!

7:51 PM  

lovely piece!

6:01 AM  

like ur shapes in this and ur colors are always great. she looks so peaceful

6:39 AM  

a nap sounds perfect...quiet even sounds better! hope all is well with's been a busy few months for lots of folks evidently :)

10:59 AM  

very nice illo! love your colors and style as always :)

9:12 PM  

There were some teenagers right outside our building the other night yelling back and forth at each other at 12am, then shouting obsceneties when people would yell at them to shut up. I was so close to shooting them with a super soaker from my window...

7:52 AM  

great colors and highlights

4:30 PM  

Love the shapes formed by her shoulder, face and hand. Makes me want to crawl in bed!

7:12 PM  

Lovely, great sense of movement in the blues, like her dreams are resting over her.

10:14 AM  

simply amazing. I wish I was like her, a sleeping beauty.

5:50 PM  

I like the colors! and she is soo beautiful!

7:44 AM  

Hi Shano,
Is the nap good?
Very nice!

11:32 AM  

Lovely and so peaceful!

10:47 AM  

Beautiful piece! I love the wave of the hair in this one and the richness in color. You are always very bold and rich with your color choices!

7:33 PM  

Lovely illustration!

1:14 PM  

So sleeping beauty, natch!

Makes me want to snooze off to dreamland now!

The Tart
; *

10:22 AM  

Shano... love the luscious brushwork and colors. Gorgeous I say! GORGEOUS!

7:01 PM  

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