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Saturday, July 26, 2008
To the people I rode with today . . .
Right off the island were we reside is a lovely trail farm just for horses. It is a half hour drive for us with miles of trails filled with creeks, bridges, hills, sand, logging roads and everything that a trail riding equestrian could hope for. To my experience at the Pilchuck Tree Farm today:

Thank you for going out riding with me today on that 3-hour ride. My horses Rusty and Felix really needed the exposure to trail riding and I'm thankful that you were brave enough to be my horsey guinea pig their first time out. I do admit that the last time we were cantering, okay, it was a seemingly Mock-9 gallop- You know, where I had little to no control over Felix? Did freak me out a bit. We need to do it again soon. Seriously.

To the Mom with 3 teenage daughters,

I have to admit Mom, when we heard you yelling across the way a few trailers down, it did give Melissa and I reason to glance at each other wide-eyed . . . However, we had no idea it was at 3 teenage girls (ages approx 12 - 15) with enormous AND high-strung breed horses (Arabian and Saddlebred or Standardbred? We can't tell the difference) I'm sorry we were quick to judge. If I were in your place, I'd be scheduling a multiple lobotomy after the A) All the teenage hormones co-existed harmoniously B) Gas money to pay for a huge ass truck to pull 4 massively large horses C) The tack involved for the 4 massively large horses. D) Keeping 3 teenage girls, their horses, and self alive during a trail ride.

And I simply cannot phathom your feed, grocery, clothing and kotex bill you have on a monthly basis. I'm most definite when I say that I would be the poster child of road rage put in your place, yet you were seemingly apologetic.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that I am the oldest of three girls? And we all had high strung horses growing up? Hm. Thanks Mom and Dad! You are the best! I am just now getting how lovely our teenage years must have been on you.

To the nurse/doctor that Melissa knew,

I'm sure the woman with the broken ribs from her fall was greatly comforted by your expertise and calm nature. You also helped me cross what was probably the great Bering Sea to Felix, but was a mere creek to your lovely palomino. I would still be on the North bank of the ranging river had it not been for you and your horse coaxing my schizo Arabian cross the 3' deep x 20' creek.

To the 4 women we passed by:

WTF? All horse people like each other. We are kindred spirit. I don't care if you ride English, Western, Dressage, Side Saddle, or Lady Godiva for that matter. But I have to admit that I NEVER wear a helmet but I took Melissa's brilliant and life-preserving lead by wearing one. Yes, I am self-conscious (ridiculously so, admittedly because I somehow feel like less of a cowgirl). I didn't realize there was a junior high riding academy for middle-aged women and the silent treatment was an added middle school bonus. We are however, perplexed by cold shoulder after ya'll we're burning up the forest with your laughter, yet literally were all eyeballs when we stood aside to let you pass. BTW, I couldn't help but notice that one or two of ya had poofy/bleached/permed/feathered 1980's Rodeo Queen hair. I'd rather wear a helmet. Or same thing in your case.

To the man riding the Appaloosa in the rope halter that was far too sexy for say . . . a BRIDLE:
Dude. We guestimated you to be in your 70's. We agreed on one thing- You rock. I hope to take your amazing example when I'm your age. Even though you're obviously male and not female, may I share this bit of inspiration with you?

Rusty and Felix (Not gay, but are free to express their boy love):
Sunday, July 20, 2008
Monday. FINALLY a break in the schedule. I don't have to do a thing but:

Barn Chores
Bring in orders to post office

I have been waiting ALL summer for this day to come. A day where there is blissfully not an effin' thing written on the calendar.

Please don't let their be anything that I've overlooked . . . which may include but not limited to: Keeping kids alive (Fed, bathed, etc.), keeping a tidy house, laundry, dishes, business contracts/emails and things that my brain cannot conjure up at the moment. (Unsubconscious denial is highly underrated.)
Friday, July 18, 2008
Tis the Netflix season because there's nothing good on with a few exceptions. My obsessions have been:


Dead Like Me

Oh yeah. In a bad fate of Karma - All discontinued.
Illustration Friday "ENOUGH"
My newest painting, "Family Jewels" depicts two women showing their bling (click on the enlarged version and you can see that they have swarovski crystals as earrings and ring). Because really, a girl can never have quite ENOUGH diamonds.

Family Jewels

Illustration Friday.