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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.


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Monday, August 04, 2008
Vegas Baby
My trip to Vegas was quite lovely albeit too short. And the extreme temperatures? Up here where I live in Washington State, if it reaches 80 degrees everybody is saying how hot it is. Yeah. Try 110 and see what your T-zone complexion looks like. Like let's say like

(The "BEFORE" massive-makeup photo that I cannot for the life of me believe I'm sharing with the world. But in my defense, it was "Grandma's coming! Grandma's coming!" Much like Paul Revere warning that the British are coming only CLEAN UP THIS PLACE! Never mind makeup! Where are your priorities? A nasty T-zone?! Blonde eyelashes and eyebrows? Pahshaw.)
grandma and meself
Sweat much? (I'm the one of the right. The lovely lady on the right is my 91 year-old grandma. Isn't she cute?? She loves me just for my blazingly shiny forehead. Rudolf calls in sick one year, Santa, I got your back.)

But then again the good thing about Vegas (other than losing tons of money) is that you can quite literally make yourself 6' tall. I'm wearing 6" heels that only the great feminist minds of Kimora Lee Simmons of Baby Phat could conjure up. Add fake eye lashes, a foot or so of clip on hair extensions, gobs of self tanner, take away the Hep C and store-bought floating chest devices, and I knew what Pam Anderson must feel like.

Dad and Meself
I'm not sure how much makeup it would have taken to get rid of that shiny forehead, but then again I'm not sure there actually IS enough makeup. Anywhere. But look at my now cancer-free Dad. We had much fun at La Reve that evening!

Damn. Forgot the Pam Anderson acrylic nails. But let us not forget the wonderfully ghettolicious stilettos that I actually have OUT as decor in my bedroom. They positively ROCK.


We could have used a profile of those shoes. :-)

9:45 PM  

Dang girl, can we say AMAZON?!?
either way, you are lovely.

2:42 AM  

You're gorgeous. Period. So don't give anything else another thought. You just go on with your sexy shiny self.

I luvs you girl!

6:14 AM  

I think you look lovely. And the 2pics side-by-side look like pics of a superhero and her unassuming alter-ego. Nice!

And don't worry about being 'shiny'. Just think of it as 'glistening' or 'natural effervescence' ...liiike a pixie or champagne. Or a pixie on champagne. Or a champagne on a pixie...err..nevermind.

8:31 AM  

That's hot

9:37 PM  

I admire you for being able to wear those shoes. Wow! And I love the dress, perfect for Vegas! Fun! Your Grandma and Dad look great. 91?! I bet she has some stories to tell, she looks like a sweet soul. Congrats on your Dad for being Cancer free!

11:52 AM  

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