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Location: Camano Island, Washington, United States

I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008
Are you like me?
Okay, so all of August was slamming busy. And then it got busier. Crazy. Out of control. Drama where there needed to be none. So much on my plate that I got completely overwhelmed. And when things get like this here is what I typically do:

I walk from one room to the other not remembering what I was doing but since I was in that room, I might as well take care of PROBLEM A. Meanwhile while walking into other room not remembering what I was doing, I take care of PROBLEM B. So what was I doing again? Oh right! Problem C which was a priority that I forgot all about! So problem A? Oh man, what did I do with problem A?? Where the hell did I put it? So room to room I roam. And well, you get the gist of it because it went to PROBLEM W or X or something.

So how did I handle it? By dicking around the computer, natch. It seems that every problem, question, or answer I had was on the computer which sidetracked me even more. So yeah, can I dick around like nobody's business browsing the Internet? Apparently so. And did I get all my issues addressed? Almost, except for the ones that will never go away no matter how many rooms I walk into or how many entertaining websites I visit. Did I answer any emails? *sigh* It's just that I have to answer the icky ones before the fun ones (and you know who you are!) And truthfully, I just can't think any more. I need the people of the Internet to do it for me. Those of you with entertaining websites, I need you to keep my mind fluffy and fresh.

And craigslist? Oh, I love you craigslist with your never ending temptations of things that I can buy or barter for cheap, cheap, cheap. And let us not forget the complete morons that sell stuff and keep me jolly happy with excruciatingly bad grammar and hideous photos (WHAT is that exactly?! Do I need to tilt my head sideways?) My favorites are the people selling horses. Here's the deal. PEOPLE ARE GIVING AWAY HORSES right now. Swear to GOD. Nice ones with good breeding, no issues, and photos are posted of said horses! If they aren't free, they are hella cheap. (PLEASE for the love of GOD, don't go out and get yourself a horse if you don't know jack squat about horses just because they are free or affordable. Trust me, it takes more time, energy, knowledge, and money to care for them than to purchase them!) But then there's the marketing geniuses who want $10,0000 for their fantastic horse that they don't even take a photo of or mention any criteria like say, the horse's age, height, breed, etc. (Hey yo. It's craiglist. People are going to start mixing up zeros and adding decimals and calling you at 10 pm asking if your horse is good for a beginner rider or can fit in the back of their van.)


Once emails are answered, the hard and not so hard topics that involve actual brain activity, I'm moving on to painting for the AAUW show. If I still remember how to paint that is. In fact, I actually have quite a few painting projects that I'm pretty excited to get started on.

I'm like you! I've spent the last couple of years doing exactly what you're talking about! Yay Us!!!

5:17 AM  

YAY PROCRASTI- hunh? we're not allowed to use that word? oh, ok. YAY for finding something better to do rather than the stuff we need to do!

4:23 AM  

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