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Saturday, April 26, 2008
Once again, it's been nearly a zillion years since I've posted. But I wanted to share my latest painting because suddenly I find myself painting something that I would have painted a few years ago - Bold colors, folk art yet contemporary with a surreal moodiness. No angst with the spontaneous paint splatters or faux urban sirens that are the epitomy of confidence.

I've had the epiphany that my earlier paintings made me calm and introspective and I mean I COMPLETELY lose myself in the painting. Hours can pass and I don't remember a single thing or thought the entire time. I've found that the newer sexier pieces from the last year or so inspire a more social and invigorating aspect to my life. Life imitating art? Or art imitating MY life? (Whooo boy. That introspective thing kinda hurts my brain.)

So I like that I'm switching back in forth. Nobody likes predictable and boring.

Do they?


wow, i love it. "Stargazers" is beautiful!!!

3:47 AM  

This is gorgeous! And you're right, its fun to try a different technique.

1:40 AM  

You're right, who likes predictable and boring?? :-) Nice.

7:06 AM  

Love your art and your blog is really funny and interesting. I first saw you work in 500 fairy motifs so it was interesting reading about your life on the ranch etc.
I think this one "Stargazers" is gorgeous!

7:30 PM  

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