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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Summer Vacation
A few things that I learned while on vacation:

1. I am very, very shiny.

2. Disposable cameras are crap.

3. Never have short people take your picture.

4. Never take photos of yourself along side your petite, size zero sister in bikinis. (*Note to self- Refrain from having photos taken of self in bikini entirely.)

5. Remember to keep eyes open while having photo taken.

6. Wear sunscreen at the beach, especially when you have no base tan.

7. Do not believe your family when they say "that dress looks fine" and/or "No, that dress isn't too big".

8. Seattle rain will follow you to Nevada AND California.

Other than these valuable lessons learned, here's a break down of my vacation:

Day 1
Stuck in Seattle gridlock traffic all the way to the airport. Had to run, run, run to catch plane. Arrived in Las Vegas safely- Stayed up until 1 or 2 am chatting with my parents about the good ole days. (which involves horses and bores the hell out of my husband.)

Day 2

Went to the Wynn Casino to eat at the fabulous buffet. All you can eat sushi, crab, and other yummies. That evening we went to the New Orleans Casino where we gambled a bit and also went to their Irish Bar and listened to the tunes of the Wild Celts. It should be a law that all men should have to wear kilts.

Photo One:
Me: Hey guys, does this dress look too big?
Guys: No. You look great. Let's go.
Me: It doesn't make me look pregnant? Because I'm not, you know.
Guys: No. You look great. Let's go.
Me: But look at how big it is around the hips. I have more than 3" on both sides.
Guys: No. You look great. Let's go.
Me: Okay!

dress too big

Photo Two:
Random drunk guy at the Irish Pub
drunk guy

Day 3
Rented a van and drove 4 hours to California where my sister lives. We BBQ'ed, swam, drank and chatted. Was good to see sisters and friends.

Photo One:
Cousins (goofy kids!)

goofy kids

Photo Two:
My very good girlfriend drove an hour to come see me! I'm so proud of her. She's a big muckity-muck at a very large Southern California Newspaper.


Photo Three:
My daughter looks like a Russian Nesting Doll here.

nesting doll

Day 4
Went to Disneyland. Was vr, vr hot and vr, vr crowded. We eventually went on most of the rides and stayed until closing.

Photo One:
I wouldn't let my daughter purchase a $20 disposable (crap) camera. You feel the love, no?

no 20 dollar camera

Day 5
Went to Balboa Beach for the day. My vr, vr white family got vr, vr burned. I was the only one stupid enough not to put sunblock on my back. Couldn't sleep for two days AND had a bow-shaped white spot in the middle of my back. Ironically, this was one of my favorite days during my vacation. For the first time ever, I actually got in the water and played in the waves. The last time I went to the beach was years and years ago when I wanted to stay purty and not mess up my hair or makeup to attract boys. I have a boy now, so it is okay to get wet. That evening we drove back to Vegas.

Photo One:
My sister touches a jelly fish my husband was brave enough to take out of the water and onto the beach.


Photo Two:
Baby Gangsta. Can you see her flashing her gang sign?

baby gansta

Day 6
Was sunburned and tired. Painted a mural on my parent's bathroom wall. And no, she doesn't have a harelip. Disposable cameras are crap.


Went to Terrible's Casino for buffet and also gambled a bit with my Mom. I won $25 on Enchanted Unicorn penny slot! Whahoooooo! (I nevAH EVah win. EVah.)

Day 7

My grandparents and Evil Uncle (that's what we call him. He's not very evil.) drove down for a visit during the day. Was so lovely to see them. That evening my Dad and I went to The Palms for dinner at the Little Budda restaurant. Was some of the BEST food EVER. The sushi was to DIE FOR. Afterwards we went to the Ghost Bar where all the beautiful people are. We chatted with the nicest (and youngest) neurosurgeons in all of rural Colorado. After that we went to Rain. It was all it was cracked up to be, but good gawd and thank gawd I'm not single any more. I am only capable of handling the testosterone of one man. Put many, many of them in a dark crowded room with vr vr loud music and you can practically SEE the raging hormones. Also while here I thought for sure that I saw Long Duk Dong. Turns out it wasn't him, but only before I was able to make an ass out of myself.

Photo One:
Little Budda Restaurant. Robin Leach sat in the booth behind us.

little budda

Last Day
Flew home. Was turbulent and terrible flight. I hate flying, but thankfully the plane didn't crash and I made it home alive. Hurray!

Wow what a whirlwind trip you had!! Yes, the dress was a wee bit big but you're so pretty it didn't matter. ;o)) Thanks for sharing all the links..the vegas/LA hotspots have been added to my "go to" list.
Roz - welcome home

3:15 PM  

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