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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Lookie Here
I totally lied. Again. I have created some art in the last few weeks. It's been so chaotic that I actually forgot. How somebody could forget that they actually sat down, created a sketch and then digitally worked on something for hours is beyond me. But since we're talking about me . . . I guess it makes sense. So. This lovely lady was created for a client. Isn't she purty? I think I might add her to the Pop Art section of my website.

Desert Diva

She is just lovely! If this is Illustrator, you did a great job. I have really been into that program lately! Fun stuff! Brandi

9:18 PM  

I have Illustrator but have absolutely NO IDEA how to use it. I use an obscure, unheard of program called Ulead . . . Back in the day before Photoshop was all the rage. (And kids had to walk to school barefoot for miles. In the snow.)

8:48 AM  

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