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Friday, March 31, 2006
Illustration Friday "SPRING"
This week's theme at Illustration Friday is "Spring". That said, below is my contribution "Breezy". Because every place I have ever lived (and there's been a lot, a LOT of places) it is always windy in the spring. Oh, and you start wearing cooler colors. Dare I say, pastels?


She has a breeze in her step too! Love this!!! Great work!

10:05 AM  

What a wonderful spring consept. The vindy spring but the soul full of spirit. Love your art!

11:53 AM  

She has a spring in her step!

1:51 PM  

Nice dress for spring, great drawing !

1:54 PM  

Very breezy, indeed. I like the wind blowing the scarf and the "spring" in her step. Nice job!

11:01 AM  

Very chic, a spring lightness in her steps, love the swirls in the background.

11:32 AM  

Beautiful! I just love your style. I can totally see where your fashion education influences your style. Brandi

2:17 PM  

She looks the essence of a spring breeze - fresh, brisk, and without a care... unless of course, she's forgotten her underwear! I love the breezy swirls and her breezy attitude. Another great gal from Shano:>

5:55 PM  

ah, the glamour of spring! great illo...

1:42 AM  

Hi Shano,
Spring is a quite pretty season!
Gorgeous legs!Wonderfull drawing!Well done!
Good week

9:46 AM  

Simply awesome. I love the fragrance and total look of spring!

3:44 PM  

she appears to have a determined step and purpose in her purple dress!

3:24 AM  

Beautiful illo! She has a lot more confidence then I would in the wind with a short skirt! LOL! Beautiful colors, and concept for this week's topic! Fantastic!

5:40 PM  

love the movement to it! great colors too!

11:21 AM  

Shano I always love seeing your images. This one reminds me of that commercial where the breeze blows the ladies skirt up and there are all these guys staring wide eyed with a look of satisfaction on there faces. She's fun and confident, stylish and sophisticated. She embraces everything about being a woman. Great Image!

1:38 PM  

Love the flow and movement.

9:48 AM  


U draw them so well, make me glad to be a TART.
U capture the essence of Tarts.
Makes me think of a velvety springy day. ; )

The Tart a.k.a. Daphne
; )

1:12 PM  

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