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    Art by Shano's Facebook Page
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Saturday, March 25, 2006
Illustration Friday "MONSTER"
Illustration Friday's theme this week is "monster". I did the ultimate Green-eyed Monster. Here she is:

Green Eyed Monster

beautiful monster!

12:38 AM  

Beautiful illo. A She-Devil? perhaps.

12:52 AM  

ooooooo.... Scary. Nice job!

5:40 AM  

It is the pretty monster I have ever seen, nice style !

6:03 AM  

Beautiful take on this week's theme! Great illo!

12:12 PM  

Beautiful. Maneater, I'm guessing?

3:59 PM  

really beautiful!!!love this!

8:25 PM  

Bonjour Shano,
Very nice monster...Beautiful eyes...
I love!
Good night

8:00 PM  

This is a perfect interpretation for you! It goes so well with your assorted glamour gals, catwomen, and vixens! I love the emerald green against all that much passion. I'm sure glad I'm not on her bad side...(I hope). Well done, Shano:>

7:45 AM  

Shano she is a very sexy she devil. Beautiful Monster! Your work is always so cool!

10:09 AM  

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