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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
My husband now knows I have a blog
Only a few years later and my husband finds out I have a blog. Naturally, I've mentioned this to him, but no response. Either he didn't know what a blog was, or didn't want to know. But here is what he said when he read the 100 Things about Me:

Silence until #35

Response to #35 - I firmly believe that croutons are evil pieces of dried bread.
HIM: I LOVE croutons!
ME: Yes, I know.

Response to #37 - I love misty, foggy, cold days. And frogs. But not those weird 1970’s figurines. Only the real live ones.

HIM: You like those weird 1970's figurines?
ME: No. I do NOT like those weird 1970's figurines. I like the REAL LIVE frogs.
HIM: What weird 1970's figurines are you referring to?
ME: I guess those weird (we used the word "weird" alot in this conversation.) pottery ones with the weird glazes.
HIM: Blank.
ME: Like the ones with the big eyes. Like the ones that hold brillo pads in their mouth!
HIM: Oh yeah.
ME: But those are cool. I would totally have one of those.

Response to #41 - My husband and I met when I was a cocktail waitress wearing an outfit similar to a Playboy Bunny’s of the 60’s. He fell in love with me for my mind. Now he just wishes I would shut up.
HIM: Laugh. (No denying it. Just laughing.)

Response to #45 - I put on at least ten different outfits before I get dressed up to go out and then leave them on the floor until the next day.
HIM: This is SO true.
ME: WhatEVer.

Response to #48 - I do not enjoy cooking. At all. Not even toast. If I can’t rip open a bag or box to nourish myself then forget it. Torture would be to watch the Cooking Channel.
HIM: REALLY?! The cooking channel would be torture for you?! (And he's seriously asking me this.)
ME: Um. Yeah. (Thinking where the hell has he been for the last 12 years?)

Response to #55 - I love, love, love red wine. Good thing I have a teetotaller husband. Not.
HIM: Teetotaller husband! Hmph.
ME: (He is! You can totally tell by the "Hmph".)

Response to #56 - Torture is to have to stand in line- Unless there are sparkly pretties dangling in front of me. Which weirdly enough, there never is.
HIM: There are pretty sparkly things at True Value Hardware when you stand in line.
ME: What? No there isn't.
HIM: Yes. The windchimes.
ME: Those don't count! I'm talking about BEjeweled things! (Not to be confused with BeDazzled.) Sparkly! *Rolling of eyes* Men! Windchimes. Ha!

Response to #59 - I have the most hideous driver’s license photo in all the world.
HIM: No you don't.
ME: Yes I do.
HIM: No you don't.
ME: I do.

Response to #68 - I’m a fishwife as well.
HIM: Nobody knows what a fishwife is but you.
ME: Here.

Response to #69 - I believe that it should be a mandated and enforced law that one should not be allowed to comment or narrate during a movie while at the theatres.

HIM: You were really chatty the other night over at so and so's.
ME: That's because she's really chatty during movies, so I didn't even try. (And that doesn't even count. It was at somebody's house. NOT the movie theater. Duh.)

Response to #73 - I’m told I make Elvis faces/sneer when I put on makeup.
HIM: No, you make Elvis faces when you're concentrating on something. You puff out your lips when you put on make up.
ME: Oh. *Making Elvis face to think about it.

Response to #76 - I have the smartest and cutest kids on the planet. Really.
HIM: I thought you were going to say ME!
ME: I've already mentioned you a million times in this list.
HIM: Yeah, and you called me a teetotaller!
ME: (See how it's all about him?)

Response to #81 - My favorite bachelor was Andrew Firestone.

HIM: Andrew Firestone? I thought you didn't like him.
ME: No. I liked him.
HIM: No, you said he wasn't good looking. You liked some other guy . . .
ME: No. I liked him.
HIM: Are you sure?
ME: I'm sure.
HIM: Yeah, I don't know. I could have sworn you liked some other bachelor.
ME: Andrew. Firestone.

Response to #87 - My worst body part is my stomach. I look at chicks with belly rings with great envy.
HIM: Sympathy aaawwwws.
ME: Smile

Response to #88 - I have many dreams that involve Noah Wiley, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake. Why Justin Timberlake, I’m not sure.
ME: He's hot.
HIM: Chokes me.
(Click here. Pretend that Brad Pitt is Justin Timberlake and you are there with me in my dreams.)

Response to #89 - I don’t chew my fingernails, but my fingers are always in my mouth fiddling with my nails.
HIM: You do too bite your nails.
ME: No I don't.
HIM: Yes, you just don't tear your nails.
ME: See these? They're fingernails. I don't bite them!

Response to #92 - I am feisty if you screw with me.
HIM: I screw with you.
ME: Yes, and I'm feisty with you.
HIM: True.

Response to #98 - Hard alcohol makes me psycho. I stay away from hard mixed drinks and shots.
HIM: You do to do shots!
ME: When? When have you seen me do a shot?
HIM: Blank.
*Apparently that one time 12 years ago stuck in his mind . . . Which is why I stay away from hard alcohol.

Response to #100 - I cannot pronounce “tae kwon do” correctly. You would not believe how often this term comes up where I need to say it. Mainly just to torture myself. I’m incredibly hateful that way.
HIM: Yes you can! Say "Tae Kwon do"!
ME: (I say it really fast and blur the words so he can't tell what I'm saying. I want to pronounce it TWY-Kan-do. Now do you see? Now do you see how often "Tae Kwon Do" comes up in conversation? A lot more than you think!)

LOL....hang on to your HUSBAND, I love him already.
Very fun post to the big question is, does he have a blog & what does his drivers license look like.

You blog is great!!!!

The Tart

11:05 AM  

Red colour...boooOm i love it

8:20 AM  

Hilarious!!!! You really cheered my Wednesday up, thank you. I love you and your husband - you make a great pair ... this was a real treat to read ...

1:03 PM  

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