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    Art by Shano's Facebook Page
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
I luvs me free stuff
The night before last we had a terrible wind storm which caused the power to go off and on all night. For once we were one of the lucky ones that actually had our power returned right away. So anyway, my computer didn't boot up the next morning. DIDN'T BOOT UP, YA'LL. Can you even imagine? So after much tinkering and calling the Compaq "tech support" to no avail (who wanted $45 to help me over the phone, and if that still didn't work, they were kind enough to take my computer and fix it for a mere $280. Um. No thanks.) I took it down to Nicholas Computer in little ole Stanwood and after a few vacuum sucks, he told me that it was merely the USB port shorting out the electrical power. SO NO CHARGE. Easy fix. Come again! AND THEN driving home. What should I see on the side of the road? A salt block! A FREE salt lick block just there for the taking. New and everything- Minus a few scrapes because it obviously fell out of some farmer's truck. (The thing is still in my car because the sucker weighs 50 lbs. Oy.)

So then the rest of the day was spent at a friend's house sitting under comforters eating homemade french fries (with butter!) and chatting.

What a nice day I had.

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