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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Joey and I
I had no idea. Simply no idea. People are actually visiting my blog. I haven't told anybody about it other than the link on the site (which I never pointed out to anyone) and then of course Illustration Friday. After adding the site stat counter to my journal, I realized that I'm being frequented, and frequented frequently. I guess this means I'd better shape up, keep ya'll informed on art, where's it going, and what I'm doing. The thing is though, that I pretty much go 90 mph every day. And no, I don't have that natural (or synthetic) kind of energy like some people who are all wiry, spastic, and cracked-out acting. I like to think that I act as though I have adult onset A.D.D., or a am just another blonde ditz. Take your pick. Only I'm not so blonde. I had burgundy chunks put in my hair, don't ya know? Ew. That didn't sound so good. How about dark red undertones? Chunks, um. Yeah. No. No chunks. Reminds me of high school and drinking games.

So anyway.

(I'm thinking definitely adult onset A.D.D., aren't you?)

Right now I am working on a series of digital pieces geared more towards the punk and goth, with a twist of Renaissance Fair.

I will be at 22 Doors February 15th in the evening to meet and greet and pick up the last few remaining pieces of art. Please come and say "Hi". Stalkers and wierdos not invited. Sorry. I am bringing Guido the Killer Pimp with me just in case.

My art will be a part of UNCLAD March 17 - 19 in Stanwood, WA. It's an amazing exhibit with artists from across the country. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with a nude that needs a shadow.

I am committee chair person of Afternoon of Art this Friday at Utsalady Elementary. I look forward to meeting some of the artists in person. Typically I am a participating artist, but this year I am learning how to take this program over (with Ramona of course!) So it is vr vr important that people like me. Not hate me. I come smiling.

Also, March 11 and 12th I will have art exhibited in the Stanwood Camano Spring Art Show. That is, if I remember to send my admittance fee in before the deadline. What was I saying about the A.D.D.? Oh yeah. I have it.

And then there's Joey and I. Here we are. (heh. Makes me laugh. I so do not look like this, but in a parallel universe . . . I DO.)

Joey and I

So it's okay if you're a lurker and not a poster. I now know that you're out there. Thanks for that. I feel special- but not special in that way. Well, actually I do kinda feel special in that way.

WOW....Beautiful. Tart!
Great dog.

The Tart

11:08 AM  

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