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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Apparently I'm a two-faced hater
I've always considered those who use a MAC to be the enemy. I'm not sure why, but I've always been a hater and considered MAC lovers inferior primarily because they considered me, a PC lover, to be inferior. You MAC people- always so smug since I can remember. Like 2001 or so. None of your software worked yet you were always bragging. You were dumb. I was a hater.

And then Windows Vista came along. Seriously? It's like going from free-love to POW camp. Every time I click to do anything I am warned I'm doing something worthy of a public flogging. Hello? Mr. laptop PC made by the Amish? I am an adult and I click where I want to click. (Envision head side to side with a hand up like "Oh no, you didnit") I also know that every website I visit and everything I download is not evil. Thanks for having my back, paranoid. So annoying, yes. Still a big fan of ole skool Windows XP.

Then my PC-so-called-lovin' girlfriend, Stacy, got this MAC (traitor!!) and she MADE the hubby and I look at all the things her MAC could do. I have to admit that I could have stayed for hours watching and learning what this superdeeduperooohlala machine could do. I think we all spent just a half an hour alone just making funny faces into the built in camera. Okay, yeah, so tequila might have been involved, but still. The point is, I kinda liked her leopard MAC.

So then my husband receives a super DELUXE Mac Book Pro.

It arrived today and quite honestly . . . I'm thinking of running off with the Mac and leaving my husband and family. I can tell it feels the same way about me. It set up a POP3 email account, no questions asked, no tutorial walk-throughs . . . Just, I'll take care of it, honey attitude. Which to me says it is totally enamored. It doesn't ask if I am aware that every site I visit is unwholesome and untrustworthy. I think it trusts my better judgment since I'm not visiting porn and hacker sites (are there really hacker sites? Maybe I do need a Windows Vista to protect my unassuming ass.)

Best of all, it doesn't act like a used cars salesman- "Are you SURE you don't want AOL? Seriously? AOL does everything. It can practically wipe your butt! And wait there's more! We can spam you to death with every proprietary program known to mankind! It's just a click away on your desktop! You thought Windows MS was bad? Not only can we can OWN you, we can slow and clog your computer down with McAfee and monitor every site you visit on Internet Explorer! What's not to like??!!"

And this all lovingly typed from my DELL PC with Windows XP. xoxo's - You know you love me! Or until I trade your sorry ass up or Bill Gates pulls his head out his ass (Stop outsourcing to third-world countries!) Whichever comes first.

PS Microsoft is a huge corporation which resides primarily in the Pacific Northwest (AKA where I live). Please continue your support and buy as many PC's as possible because it keeps our economy stable. Thank you. PC's rock when not under the influence of Windows Vista. The first step is to admitting there is a problem. Become one of our Support Systems. Think of all the venting and hating you could do! Nothing feels better than releasing your anger yelling at a computer! Come on! I know you feel me!


Great. My Windows XP desktop I've had since 2003, I believe, got zapped in a storm recently. I'm having to get a new computer. My husband has a brand new spankin' Windows Vista computer but he couldn't do all the fun things I could do. I don't want Vista.

I thought, "Laptop!" It will be Vista but at least portable. I can deal.

Now I want a Mac. Except my brother has one which has been in the shop twice now. It's only two years old. Go figure.

I love me some computer. I just don't want the nonsense you're right on about and I don't want something that will make me wait forever and a day. Let me know when you have it figured out!

5:19 AM  

Er... that's a brand spankin' new computer. Our computer does no spanking of any kind -- although it has owned me a few times. Geesh.

5:21 AM  

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