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Saturday, July 30, 2005
I'm baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkk!
Just a quick note to say that:

1) I made it back alive. The plane didn't crash or anything.

2) I took massive pictures and have a few rolls of film to develop. I'll share them with ya'll when I get them back.

3) Had an absolutely fabulous time with only a minor amount of drama.

4) Didn't have any time to organize and clean before I left for my trip. Needless to say I am way, way, WAY behind. (What else is new?)

5) I am no longer sporting the Donatella look.

6) More to come!
Thursday, July 21, 2005
Goin' ta Vegas! Wish me luck and big bucks! (And that the airplane doesn't crash). Will be back July 29. WHAHOOOOO
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Garage Sales & Bad Influences
In a mad attempt to make some extra cash for our upcoming vacation, Ramona and I held a multi-family garage sale over the weekend. It might have been because of the massive amounts of CRAP that we've accumulated through the years (especially the 8o's) that made it anything but an enormous success.

Her stash: A giant fuzzy purple spider that's legs kept falling off, metallic wicker baskets, and collector's plates with bears in bows.

My stash: Plastic see-through shoes, a rusty kid's bicycle without a seat, a collection of humanized cows in clothing, and a refrigerator so old that it doesn't even have a freezer- and we're not talking about the cool rounded kind of fridge with the pull handle, but a yellow 1970's kind of fridge. (Still here. Any takers?)

Oh! And let us not forget about the HUGE pile of self help books from a friend of a friend. (The books apparently don't help much.) By Saturday afternoon we were making people take things. Forcing our junk upon them. Putting stuff in their cars when they weren't looking.

So yesterday was to be a busy busy, take charge kind of day. Lots to do (including a mountain of laundry that quite literally reaches my chest). But it was a hot sunny day and Ramona being the bad influence she is, BEGGED me to go swimming at her house and drink sangria. Okay, she didn't beg but she did invite lots of other people and I can't miss out on a pool party- I simply had to say that for the guilt factor, and not to mention that all I do that is unproductive and/or evil is entirely someone else's fault.

So TODAY. Really. Will get lots and lots done. Really.

Oh! And Thursday? The Donatella look will be gone. GONE.
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
It was recently brought to my attention that my horse images have diminished and the website horse page wasn't as prolific as it once was. I'm not sure what happened other than I couldn't bear to look at some of the older images any more. I find it very important not to visibly cringe when I know people are viewing certain images of mine- no matter how well they were selling as prints.

That said, yesterday I finished "Placidity"

Sunday, July 10, 2005
Voluptuous Vixen & Spaz
For whatever reason, people always ask me to paint more voluptuous women, or women with meat on their bones. So I did. Here she is:

voluptuous vixen

You can't see her face very well, but in the painting she reminds me of Kirstie Alley. You like? She can be bid on here.

On another note, I got to go riding yesterday. Sunny day. Was vr vr lovely. Euphoric some might say. I just ran up and down the hills weaving through the bales of hay that were left behind. My horse, Nick, was a huge spaz by being spooky and jiggy- which made it a bit more challenging (which I love!) At least he wasn't his usual boring self where all he wants to do is eat.

I wonder what I'll be doing today. Yesterday I was just chomping at the bit to do something (a horse analogy!), but I couldn't calm down enough to figure out what it was I wanted to do. Hopefully today will provide more direction in how to spend my energy. Talk about spaz . . .
Monday, July 04, 2005
Beware of the TIVO Man

My birthday was quite lovely, thank you for asking. No drama. Involved many luxurious gifts, one of them being TIVO. Said TIVO guy arrived at 8:30 the night before so that I had TIVO in time for my special day where I turned 29 yet again. As it so happened, TIVO man was here until 1 am in the morning! Unfortunately, we now have wires everywhere. Wires that hang in bunches and drape awkwardly from our roof. Wires that lay along our walkway. Wish I could have seen that at 1 am. TIVO man would have been here until 2 am fixing wires. (Was vr vr busy watching The Notebook again.) Ah, the great tribulations of TIVO . . .
Saturday, July 02, 2005
Happy Me
Well, I'm just a wet blanket, aren't I? Honestly, I'm never THAT grouchy and irritable. Thankfully, that mood has passed and I'm happy, happy, happy! Which, yes I know. Happy, happy, happy people are equally as annoying. So let's just say that I'm content. Blissfully content-

*I have two LARGE packages waiting to be opened tomorrow on my birthday.
*The TIVO people come today.
*I just completed two commissioned paintings yesterday.
*Received some healthy-sized orders.
*My husband and I have been getting along fabulously for quite some time now.
*I seem to have a teeny bit of weight without realizing it.
*I found a pair of shorts that I don't remember buying. (Bonus!)
*Had homemade cherry pie (made by my husband!) and coffee for breakfast.
*Am drama-free and drama-free days are a plenty. The future looks bright in this regard.
*Almost all the laundry is caught up and house is moderately tidy.
*It's the weekend, and a Holiday one at that!

Unfortunately, it's still cloudy and cold. That blows.
Friday, July 01, 2005
Things that Annoy Me
*To have the song "I touch myself" by the Divinyls in my head for over four days now. That's just WRONG.

*To have a summer with no sun.

*Refusing to believe summer could be this cold and cloudy so you insist on wearing t-shirt and shorts all the while freezing your ass off.

*It is 61 degrees outside and 66 degrees inside. This is chillier than what you heat your house at in the middle of winter.

*To have a horse that is known for his long, shiny, luxurious black wavy mane- and to find one morning he has completely rubbed ALL of it off.

*Dogs that need to be tied up when you have acreage.

*Being shiny and orange.

*Having a "fat day".

*Being shiny and orange, having a "fat day", and being unmotivated, lazy, and overall unpleasant to be around.

*Kids who constantly argue and bicker and are unwilling to entertain themselves without the aid of t.v., computer, or gameboy.

*Cats that poop in children's sandboxes.

*Husbands that repeatedly explode food in microwaves.

*Not having any diet pop in the house.

*When friends abandon you for eleven days to go to visit family in the Dakotas.

*You get TIVO tomorrow and not even this can change your foul mood.

*It's far too early for a cocktail.

*Your birthday is in two days. You hate birthdays.

*Your husband calls from work and starts out with, "I just found out some disturbing news . . . "

*Being irrationally irritable and knowing that you are irrationally irritable.

(Side note: I'm not typically this unpleasant. Just really grouchy today. Lack of sun is really starting to annoy the HELL out of me. Good Gawd, you'd think I lived in the Seattle area or something! Oh wait. I DO live in the Seattle area. That would explain it. It is July FIRST, ya'll. I should be eating watermelon and running through sprinklers.)