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Monday, February 13, 2006
100 things about me
100 Things About Me:

1. My favorite color is red.

2. My biggest pet peeve is people who smack their food when they chew. Or eat when while they are talking on the phone with me. Or slurp. Just yuck. No bodily noises. Please.

3. I want to be Cynthia Rowley when I grow up. (Only I'd never sew. Or do pattern making.)

4. I used to barrel race horses competitively. (And kickass.)

5. I firmly believe that lowrise stretch jeans are the best invention since pop tarts.

6. I have two small semi-hidden tattoos. On my ankle. So- Seasonally hidden.

7. I spill red wine in everybody’s house I go to. It simply means that I like you.

8. My favorite food is cheesecake . . . or Crispy Crème donunts. You can give me both.

9. I obsess about my body and food. (Which makes me very unique and individual because other women just don’t do that.)

10. I broke my nose breaking a horse when I was 13. It gave me two black eyes.

11. I am certifiably boy crazy over Irish guys (husband included).

12. I drive too fast.

13. I love Jewel. If I had a latent lesbian side, it would be all about Jewel. She rocks.

14. I am a secret agent. No. A secret double agent.

15. Halloween is my favorite Holiday.

16. Because my birthday is July 3, I’m almost always hung over for 4th of July festivities.

17. I am freakishly strong for a girl.

18. I used to be a neat freak. I now just have anxiety attacks instead.

19. I am an overachiever and squeaky wheel.

20. Team Aniston.

21. I dislike talking on the phone.

22. I am terribly impatient.

23. I prefer to ride horses bareback.

24. I’m afraid of heights and Donald Trump’s hair.

25. Rats and snakes do not scare me. Cockroaches terrify me.

26. Houseplants refuse to live in the same home as me. Those of the silk variety seem to tolerate me.

27. I grew up in rural Michigan. The best place EVAH to grow up.

28. At fourteen, we moved to Southern California. Not a good place to grow up as a teen.

29. I’ve attended eight universities and colleges.

30. I used to be funny. Then I got too busy.

31. I’m sarcastic but not cynical.

32. Dusk is my favorite time of day.

33. I love eBay.

34. We breed collie dogs. Rather, they mate among themselves. No bestiality going on here.

35. I firmly believe that croutons are evil pieces of dried bread.

36. I wish I could do nothing all day but read blogs . . . . Especially Go Fug Yourself and Miss Doxie’s journal. Damn that girl is FUNny.

37. I love misty, foggy, cold days. And frogs. But not those weird 1970’s figurines. Only the real live ones.

38. I like to ski. Don’t care much for the falling down part.

39. I prefer men to wear boxer shorts. Briefs are just wrong.

40. I volunteer once a week at my kids’ school in their classrooms. I’m also the school newspaper editor. I’m also head of other academic committees. (Refer to #19)

41. My husband and I met when I was a cocktail waitress wearing an outfit similar to a Playboy Bunny’s of the 60’s. He fell in love with me for my mind. Now he just wishes I would shut up.

42. I was a bartender through college.

43. I do not like camping in tents.

44. I support our troops. (Especially the ones that have to sleep in tents.)

45. I put on at least ten different outfits before I get dressed up to go out and then leave them on the floor until the next day.

46. I wear makeup every day regardless of whether or not I leave the house.

47. Thrift stores love me, and I love them. At least that’s what they tell me. But then I think they say that to all the shoppers.

48. I do not enjoy cooking. At all. Not even toast. If I can’t rip open a bag or box to nourish myself then forget it. Torture would be to watch the Cooking Channel.

49. Coffee is a must every morning.

50. I invented the Mullet. I took it away in the 90’s. Apparently not everybody got that memo.

51. My ankle goes out (or rolls) when walking. Especially in heels. I fall down much when dressed up.

52. Can’t stand to see pictures of myself.

53. I’m smart and sometimes witty, but not brilliant.

54. I can’t remember my times tables. Especially 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s. (Refer to #53)

55. I love, love, love red wine. Good thing I have a teetotaller husband. Not.

56. Torture is to have to stand in line- Unless there are sparkly pretties dangling in front of me. Which weirdly enough, there never is.

57. I collect cigar box purses and Occupied Japan demitasse cups.

58. I am the eldest of three girls.

59. I have the most hideous driver’s license photo in all the world.

60. My husband and I eloped to Las Vegas (I wasn’t even pregnant!)

61. It is my dream to rule the world. But admittedly, I'm not much of a leader.

62. I’m exceptionally uncomfortable when people talk about my art around me. Good or bad. Although I would cut them if they said something mean. I carry a knife for this reason.

63. I’m not a morning person.

64. I am not afraid of the dark.

65. I want to give the Olsen Twins a sandwich. And then not let them throw it up.

66. I can’t tell the difference between crystal and glass. I pretend that I can.

67. I yell at my computer a lot.

68. I’m a fishwife as well.

69. I believe that it should be a mandated and enforced law that one should not be allowed to comment or narrate during a movie while at the theatres.

70. I got kicked out of Costco for attempting to smuggle my 6 lb dog in my purse while shopping.

71. I much prefer the works of female musicians, artists, and authors. I’m admittedly sexist this way.

72. I’m allergic to perfume and penicillin.

73. I’m told I make Elvis faces/sneer when I put on makeup.

74. I never remember plays after I see them. I used to see a lot of plays. But it became pointless.

75. My favorite vacation spot is Catalina Island, CA.

76. I have the smartest and cutest kids on the planet. Really.

77. I absorb books and love to read. Until TIVO came along.

78. I am still depressed that Twin Peaks, Felicity, Six Feet Under, and Once and Again aren’t on the air any more.

79. I’m not a touchy feely person, but wish I were.

80. My favorite t.v. show is Gilmore Girls. Shut up.

81. My favorite bachelor was Andrew Firestone.

82. My upper lip sweats when I’m nervous.

83. I have a tendency of hyperventilating and fainting when having blood taken.

84. I have A-Negative blood type.

85. I believe in God.

86. Next to my wrists and ankles, my best body part is probably my legs.

87. My worst body part is my stomach. I look at chicks with belly rings with great envy.

88. I have many dreams that involve Noah Wiley, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake. Why Justin Timberlake, I’m not sure.

89. I don’t chew my fingernails, but my fingers are always in my mouth fiddling with my nails.

90. I cannot stand, and will gag on water chestnuts, snow peas, and green peppers.

91. I am terribly indecisive. Ordering at a restaurant takes me forever.

92. I am feisty if you screw with me.

93. There’s never enough time for me to do everything I want and need to do.

94. My quest in life is that I never have to wear oversized t-shirts and stretch pants with an elastic waist.

95. I have a herniated disk in the small of my back from a horseback riding accident at age fourteen.

96. I rarely get embarrassed.

97. Midori gives me hives. Does that not suck?

98. Hard alcohol makes me psycho. I stay away from hard mixed drinks and shots.

99. I have more than one person I call my best friend.

100. I cannot pronounce “tae kwon do” correctly. You would not believe how often this term comes up where I need to say it. Mainly just to torture myself. I’m incredibly hateful that way.

Yes, you are; funny, that is!!!

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