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Friday, April 28, 2006
Illustration Friday "UNDER THE SEA"
So really. You've seen all of my mermaids. If you haven't, they are here. But, I wanted to shake things up a bit. I know, I am one WILD and CRAZY gal! So, I am submitting "Vacationing Mermaid". And technically, the sea is in the background, so therefore she is under the sea. See? I'm thinking outside the box. Who said I wasn't brilliant? Oh. Everybody including myself? Okay then.

Vacationing Mermaid

Lovely illo!!

5:01 PM  

i love your fab style!!! your colours are exceptional too! I enjoyed reading your past posts and it's always good for your resume that your artwork was featured in a Macy's ad. They could have used anybody's art on that wall but they chose your girls!!!

5:10 PM  

I just love the way you use line in your work. The swirls in the tail are just to die for. Lovely! Brandi

7:15 PM  

Sensually sinuous! The blue is fabulous - very tropical, and the texture of the sand looks great against the swirls in the water. I'm laughing at her tan though...after reading your post about your friends from California:> Another wonderful piece, Shano:>

6:01 AM  

lovely mermaid shano...of course I'm partial to your divas anyway ;)...glad you've resurfaced...we will be leaving for vacation on Tuesday and this helps set the mood...even though we're going to the mountains ;)

1:46 PM  

Beautiful!!...wish I were there with her...looks very relaxing. LOVE her tail...and, her sunglasses! Awesome!

12:29 PM  

Hope she has lots of lotion for her tail. Great take on it. Love the colors and the mood. Makes me want a nice cold Iced Tea to drink.

9:19 AM  

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