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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
In the Bedroom
Okay. So you are probably thinking I haven't been doing much. Just sitting around watching Gilmore Girls, reading my Jane mag, and what not. Or maybe you simply don't care. Or perhaps you accidentally ended up visiting me and my blog and don't even speak English. But whatever. The point is- I have been vr vr hard at work. In between my dog breeding gig, getting thrown from horses, and then the whole family and kids thing, having a life . . . I have been painting. Yippee! And best yet, I have proof! Have I updated my website? HAIL NO. Oh well. Kinda. You should check out my Portfolio page, Me page, and well I edited down the News page because really now. Who wants to know about upcoming events that happened in 2005? So stop distracting me now because I really want to show you what I have been doing!

First, there is the Etsy page. Still have much to do with that, but I have sale prices (shh) on a new large sized paper I was trying out.

So on to the new paintings already! I will add them individually to the website soon. Soonish. Here's a photo of how you would sleep if you were me:


And do you see the ghost? I didn't know I had a ghost in my house, but quite obviously that is a ghost in front of the "je ne sais quoi" painting (Red Ladies). Either that, or the camera lens is smudged. I think it's a ghost.

What do you think?

And do you see my little map to the left? What is up with that? Why am I not feeling the love from those from central Africa and Siberia? What did I ever do to them?
Sunday, November 12, 2006
Illustration Friday "CLEAR"
How 'bout this? They are drinking CLEAR martinis? Good, eh? Clevah for this week's theme of "CLEAR" at Illustration Friday, riiiiigght?

Shaken Not Stirred

Okay. I got nuthin'.
Thursday, November 09, 2006
My TIVO dunn up and quit me
We all have our weaknesses. We all have our addictions. Mine started about 3 years ago when I first heard the prerequisite "I'm embarrassed to admit this . . . But, I watch Gilmore Girls!" and I thought, "HA! Poor WB losers! Simpleton with your dumb-dumby affliction for teen melodramas! (Dumb-Dumb being one of my ALL time favorite snubby put-downs). So anyway, how many times can you POSSIBLY hear that Gilmore Girls is anybody's secret favorite without hitting eBay and and purchasing the entire first season all for yourself and watching the forbidden contraband in hiding? What's that? You want me to come over for a chat? Oh no. I would, but I just SO far behind on um. Painting. Yeah. BIG commissions. These people are just HUGE painting Nazis . . . And thus let the Gilmore Girls euphoria continue.

I must preface by stating that I have an unnatural love and obsession for small town movies, t.v. shows, and fiction. Carry on then.

So the first time I saw Gilmore Girls (Stop the damn giggling! This is very. VERY serious stuff, damn it!) I thought (as well as everybody else on the planet) Oh good Lord, the acting is AWFUL and staged. Yet strangely hypnotic. The dialog is witty. The repertoire is excruciating rapid. Characters flawed, colorful, every day intriguing. I was so hooked.

My name is Shano and I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls.

Then one very bad day the WB turns into the CW and my TIVO is thrown for a loop. C? W? I get the whole "W" part. What what is up with the "C"? Completely bewildered is my poor mentally-challenged and beloved TIVO. I tried explaining to the poor simpleton, the channel is 11 is STILL channel 11. Don't worry. It's still there! Look! See? Channel 11? It just had an identity crisis and we'll work this all out. And in the meantime, please be a dear and record the ONLY CW/WB show worthy of recording? Oh? You will? You have my Gilmore Girls all set up? GREAT.

Whatever I did to my backstabbing TIVO is beyond me. I told it, "Hey. Gilmore Girls very is special to me. My priority. Just between you and me, I NEED this show. You know this, Riiiiiigggghhhhttt?"

And it said, "YES! I will tape it. It is a priority! YES! YES! YES! Three overlapping green thumbs up! Yay!"

So the first time it didn't record it and it said it would, I overlooked it. No biggie. Season premiere. It could happen. That's what eMule is for, right?

And it happened again. Double check. You SAID you would record Gilmore Girls, What the hell happened?!

I'm sorry! 'Was an oversight. See? 'To Do List'. Right here. The first time you had some dumb ass shows overlapping each other and I didn't know what to do, but now that you've told me NOT to record said dumb ass shows, we're good. Really. Gilmore Girls. Totally. I am SO on board!

Ya'll. After a couple SERIOUS talking to's with my TIVO . . . My muth e'ffing TIVO dunn up and cut me off from Girlmore Girls. I have it programmed for nothing BUT Gilmore Girls on Tuesday at 8 pm on the CW. It's been confirmed and reconfirmed for weeks. Do you know how embarrassing it is to admit that you watch the Gilmore Girls and to have your trusted friend, TIVO cut you off? What next? My morning coffee? My red wine? Power to the people! Big Brother is watching!

(Good Lord, I would never, EVAH watch Big Brother. Unless of course the whole group of drunken housemates moved to a small deciduous town where everybody knew each other and lived in quaint Quaker box houses and fashioned themselves in nothing but haute couture while conversing extraordinarily quickly all the while in an exceedingly witty dialog. Ha. Like THAT could happen.)

If you love Gilmore Girls throw your hands up in the air! Wave like you just don't care! Everybody say HEY. HEY-YAH!!
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Positively Absolutely Nothing
So if I never ever post in my bl*g will you forget about me? Will my posts slowly but surely evaporate and fade into nothingness? Or will the nice people at Blogger boot my butt for being nonexistent? Hullo? Anybody out there?

Okay, so yes it has been forever and a day since I posted. And honestly, I should be scanning the huge-ass paintings that I have working on. And YAY! I have been painting again. For myself! Purty pictures that come into my own little brain. Horses! Divas! They abound the studio!

Meet "Warmbloods". She and her horse are part of the Annual Group exhibit at The Sisters Restaurant in Everett, WA - Now through the beginning of January.

You click on the image and make it larger. Looks like crap, only a larger version of blurry crap. Thanks for the free image hosting, Blogger!

Anyway. It's been busy and I'm not in the swing of posting so why don't I just fill you up with mindless fluff until my brain goes back to it's normal quirkly self and my personality finds its way back to me.

Liking: Not a whole lot right now
Listening: Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" over and over and over again
Smelling: Sparklepuss candles in Spicy Pear
Feeling: Sick to my stomach from Halloween candy
Disliking: Gaining 10 lbs from Halloween candy, and also Vonage.
Reading: Enough about Me by Jancee Dunn
Loving: My Sonic Care toothbrush that I got on sale for $20
Planning: Going shopping? Scanning paintings? Cleaning? None of the above? Eating Halloween candy?
Thinking: I really need to find my personality. Where would I have placed it? Durn. Oh well.