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Monday, June 18, 2007
To Do List
To Do List

Is this not the handwriting of a serial killer? Or perhaps somebody who is just very tired of going around in circles finding herself in rooms ready to reach for something all the while mumbling the mantra "What was I doing? WHAT was I doing?!" Or hypothetically, it could be a person who finds herself banging on the computer monitor when the puter freezes or gives the ever popular message of "connection timed out" even though you pay good money for DSL. Hypothetically speaking of course. And we'll just say (for good times' sake) that you have Vonage and just about every call you make doesn't go through or gets dropped mid-conversation.

So, okay. This is my life in between emails, orders, returning phone calls, and laundry. Happy Monday.

*Not included on list:
Bank/Costco charged my debit card THREE times for one order thus giving us a negative balance. Good times abound when you get to talk to a REAL person after maneuvering your way through automated options with bank AND Costco.
Hair appointment to reinstate "sun-kissed" look rather than trailer park look.
Paint Polyurethane on cigar box purses (Emits highly toxic fumes, yet fun!)
Pay bills (Really rather challenging considering negative balance due to Bank/Costco error).
Type in entry in blog. Natch.

(The casting producer of Wife Swap contacted ME asking if I would be interested in doing their show. Hee. Bring it on Wife Swap. Bring it on.)

Hi Shano! all I can say is, sheesh!
But I did see a lovely note from your Children. xo!
Mine once gave me a coupon for Quiet Time. But, I needed to wear the coupon so they would know that it was indeed quiet time and not Bugging Mom Time. I still have it. Wonder if it's still good?
Yesterday, Ty and Micah enjoyed our family tradition of throwing the old appliances (toaster) off the deck and smashing it with a baseball bat. Yup, We sure do know how to partay over in these here parts. (actually, it was funny) ~ jeannie

10:32 PM  

You don't get the title "PERFECT"
for nothing!!
My list is looking alot like yours-
I think we need to go have (more)
Be sure to put that on the list ;)

9:10 AM  

Hi Shano,
how are you?
Is this list too long… you want that I help you?

I changed blog, here the new address:
Have a beautiful week

12:02 PM  

the wife swap thing made me laugh.

4:07 PM  

I love Wife Swap, but why would you be on it? - to show up the 'bad' wife?!

6:53 AM  

you gonna be on tv! one more thing to add to the list!

7:48 PM  

Yes, I laughed at the wife swap too! You're brave if you actually do go on that!

It sounds so familiar, not being able to keep track of what I'm doing. Lists do help!

10:29 AM  

sounds like a "stormy monday" there. glad i didnt get vonage after all. hope it all worked out.

7:12 PM  

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