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Friday, May 25, 2007
Illustration Friday "CARS"
I am on a roll! Two submissions for Illustration Friday within mere hours of each other! Ha! Shun you nonbelievers. Shun.

Road Trip

i love it!!!

7:10 PM  

I clicked on your link, expecting to see some smokin' hot diva lounging against a limo or something...but this is so wonderfully delightful! I love the happy look on her face and the feeling of pure relaxation. Is there a story behind this? Is this a doggie rest stop on a road trip?

5:03 AM  

now that is adorable!!! she looks so happy

6:03 AM  

lovely work!

7:36 AM  

very pleasant picture. words such as lazy and leisure come to my mind ;)

2:34 AM  

this one is really fun shano :) the dogs are wonderful, perfect for kicking off the summer! I hope she's on her way home to sip drinks with umbrellas in them on her deck

3:06 AM  

really like this change up in ur last 2 posts.

7:15 PM  

CUTE and colorful!

10:37 PM  

nice! Very cute! Congrats on your Illustration Friday posts:)

4:28 PM  

I knew you could do it! :-) Now you're almost caught up. Woohoooo!

5:12 AM  

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