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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Illustration Friday "I SPY " and stuff
I spy with my little eye:


Something small and shiny. Yay!

I have also been doing busy work . . . Getting organized. I have been so overwhelmed by office and packaging supplies that I could no longer think. Here's the revamped space that I work in. The studio is now as pink and womb-cushy as humanly possible. But before you peek, imagine sweet pea incense and growly-voiced female vocalists- because that is a part of the ambiance.

Click to see the studio and office.

Ver nice illustration. I like the shapes and how she extends through the drawing.

I looked at your studio pics and I am not sure that I could get much done if I new there was a tire swing outside. It looks beautiful there.

2:26 PM  

lovely work...and lovely work space!

6:55 PM  

looks lovely, i like those box purses that you have by the window. if I had a studio, i'd probably do something like that too but all purple. hehe. your home office looks really cool too.

1:15 PM  

Okay... not only do you paint divas; you are a diva when you work! Your studio and office are so deliciously feminine! I should post a picture of my studio/office - it's like some guy's workshop (no mystery, since "some guy" built my work table and shelves and set up the lighting for me:>). Oh - did I tell you that your illustration is marvelous! Yep... she's one elegant gal. BTW, I'm envious of the sunhine and flowers in your studio picture. It's just mud and melting snow around here.

12:48 PM  

The "I Spy" diva is too cute!! As is Ms. Shano in the snow! It almoat makes me want to play in snow even if it is beastly cold.

I love, love the new look of the studio!!

11:00 PM  

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