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Friday, February 23, 2007
Illustration Friday "COMMUNICATION"

Multitasker (Two Cats) is my contribution for this week's theme of Communication at Illustration Friday. Obviously, my diva in red is WAY better at multitasking AND communications . . . And most of you are probably aware of this because of the fact that I am terrible, hideous, even HEINOUS at returning phone calls and emails. Even smoke-signals. I am REALLY bad at those.

But on a cheerier, brighter, more task-efficient note, I finally. FINALLY. Added bookmarks and handbags (and checkbook covers!) to my repertoire.

And because you are special, I am offering a special blog sale (because I'm special. So special. Sung in true Chrissy Hines manner . . . Okay. Not really. But I'm trying. You may not want to imagine that.) Any order over $15 gets a free bookmark. Just add the word "BLOG" to the Additional Comments section during checkout.

Tootles and Ta-Ta. Or Tootles and Ta-Ta's. Whatever your preference.

She's beautiful, your Lady in Red! The cats, the spirals are interesting symbols too.

10:19 PM  

She makes me wish to run for searching my cat and sit to enjoy his company :)

Terrific illo!

1:30 AM  

u know as time goes by ppl are going to start to ask each other what that funny thing is attached to ur ear and connected to that lil black box thingy on the arm of the chair is lol. she looks very comfy and relaxed there in her big green overstuffed chair with her wite wine and cats like the lite being cast from the lamp in th ecorner too and congratualtions on ur new editions to ur product line up.

4:47 AM  

i love love love the bookmarks and the illustration friday submission is loverly. I can't wait till i'm finally on my own so that I can cover my walls with your paintings. How was your valentine's Day by the way?

8:19 PM  

Beautiful piece and the colors are so rich!

9:24 PM  

Beautiful piece and the colors are so rich!

9:25 PM  

Beautiful piece and the colors are so rich!

9:25 PM  

hey Shano...thanks for the explanation about why you haven't returned that smoke message I sent a while back...I was starting to worry! the cat lady...bless her heart though, she seems young to be spending her evenings at home with her pack

11:43 AM  

I'll take the Ta Ta's. And is there anything better than hanging with 2 cats. I have 2 also. :-)

1:11 PM  

she's beautiful! I love the rich colours (sorry to repeat what others said before, but they are rich). And the cats are so cat-like and elegant.

3:13 PM  

Great picture. I like the long shape of her body. And her hair cut.

3:21 PM  

Your communication is so elegant! i love this!

9:28 PM  

gorgeous work! i love the red and green together. sleek design and cool attitude :)

5:10 AM  

beautiful work!
~Michelle Lana

7:49 AM  

Hey- she's in the "Thinking Chair!"

How much for just the bookmark? ;)

6:09 PM  

I like the way you blow up all the objects out of proportion and the extra kitty details.

4:04 AM  

Hi Shano,
Your Lady in red is elegant and charming!
Great work !
have a nice weekend

9:12 AM  

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