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Friday, February 02, 2007
Illustration Friday "SPROUT"
So here is my contribution for this week's theme of "sprout" at Illustration Friday. See the red rose in her hair? That started from a sprout.


Yeah. Yeah. Grasping. But don't I get an A for effort?!

Blatant self promotion warning:

Btw, this painting has been chosen to be a part of the UNCLAD show this spring. (Hurrah!) And have you checked out the HUGE gigantic Shano studio sale? Hello. Go now. Run.

Seriously. Stop reading now. Go. Everything below this post? Gibberish. And I should know. I wrote it.

very graceful!

10:35 PM  

always love to see you on if! this is beautiful!

7:24 AM  

Beautiful horse!

7:55 AM  

There's a rose in her hair? I was distracted... ;)

I hope that horse doesn't trip on her gown!

Beautiful work, of course!

5:39 AM  

awesome work, shano!

6:06 AM  

Lovely illo!

6:06 AM  

I love your graphical arrangement of the shapes, and how you stylized both figures. Your composition and texture is great too, I like your illo a lot!


6:43 PM  

Wonderful colors and shape. . .the texture is amazing. The red highlighting is gorgeous also. I really love these last two pieces so much.

6:49 PM  

very good works..
It reminds me some early xx century illustrations..

12:27 AM  

Ah... as far as I'm concerned, you can post whatever you want and I'll love it! The lady and her steed are so elegant, and i love the splattering over the whole piece. Beautiful, Shano!

Hah...speaking of "unclad," the word verification started with jugs.... conincidence? Hmmmm...

9:14 AM  

i like the grace and elagance of it

9:23 AM  

that's kind of cheating ;)
but seriously, beautiful picture. I love the long curving lines and the colours, too.

2:07 PM  

I love the elegant lines! So pretty!

And as for the sale, I was so stoked to find the "Blues Woman". I've loved that painting for the longest time. I already have her new home picked out!! :-)

8:57 AM  

Hi Shano,
Very beautiful slended creatures !
So cute!

Have a nice weekend!

6:57 PM  

Love your crash and love your red, but this one is my fav of the most recent posts. Really nice, and a little departure it seems. Keep up the great work, and hope you are feeling better too! ;-)

7:17 PM  

The lines and sweeping motion in this work are great!

7:08 PM  

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