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Friday, May 04, 2007
Illustration Friday "NEIGHBOR"
Ugh. SO very far behind. Yet, I really, really wanted to do this week's theme of "neighbor" at Illustration Friday. I love participating in the weekly challenge. However, I wish I REALLY had a chance to explore ALL of the other submissions, especially my favorite artists that I have a history or report with. I have such a great time viewing the other entries- Not to mention catching up with all my artist friends' newest art. I find them all so inspirational- Surprisingly enough most of these exceptionally talented people are approachable, kind, and complimentary. I always find it to be great motivation to receive compliments and feel a certain acclamation from fellow artists.

So, a special thank you to my artist friends who always leave their footprints and courteous homage. I wish you the best in your artistic endeavors. It is the good people like you who will succeed with your art.

Or, if you just feel nice, leave a message. Either way I feel the love and want you to feel the love.

je ne sai quoi
"Je Ne Sai Quoi" is my submission for this week. Are you feeling the "neighborly" vibe?

Oh this is nice! I love the colours.

4:13 AM  

like ur black diva's with a splash look and congras on ur interview nicely done. good luck in ur 10'x 10' this summer.

6:18 AM  

Stunning as usual. I just love your work!

9:07 AM  

They're beautiful, love the textural background and their elegance of form.

1:04 PM  

I love how the one on the right looks so superior just because her hair is higher!

4:45 PM  

Excellant illo, those chicks look so snooty:)

9:05 AM  

Looks wonderful!

5:44 AM  

beautiful, i love your style!!

2:35 PM  

Very elegant neighbors you have there! :-)

8:11 PM  

love the dress!

10:18 AM  

I feel the love. Very nice!

6:50 AM  

Very cool picture.

10:55 PM  

I, indeed, am feeling the love. Your paintings are just so amazing. you never cease to amaze me. <3 Reg

8:18 AM  

As always your colours are just stunning!

11:10 AM  

Muito bom trabalho!!!
ficou gostoso de olhar!

8:59 PM  

Look sofisticate!

6:25 AM  

ha, I do feel the love and intensely wished my neighbors looked like your illustration ;) hope all is well with you - I've been a terrible slacker about checking in lately...

8:00 PM  

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