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Location: Camano Island, Washington, United States

I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.


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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Summertime Fun?
Once again it has been a gazillion and a half years since I have posted. Ya'll, it has been the world's fastest summer in all the land. I can't believe this weekend is Labor Day weekend.

Anyway, I decided to do a pro and con of my summer and sum things up in an eggshell. I'll try and add them in the order in which they transpired.

The bad news:
My Dad came down with a bout of colon cancer.
The good news:
He's done with radiation, almost done with chemo, and appears to be cancer free.

The bad news:
My Dad has cancer
The good news:
I spent many days in Las Vegas with my family during this time.

The bad news:
I came down with a bout of pneumonia.
The good news:
Got to watch TV for a week straight which included renting seasons of House, Weeds, 24, and months and months worth of saved Tivo programs.

The bad news:
Day of said pneumonia diagnosis, my husband decides he is going to tear off the roof and replace the whole damn thing. Himself.
The good news:
My dining room needed to be mopped with fresh rain water at 5 am.

*Switching things up a bit and starting with the GOOD news*

The good news:
My sister got married
The bad news:
Too many bridezillas. Yes, bridezillas. Plural.

The good news:
Got to spend 8 days in beautiful big beach house at Sunset Beach with family.
The bad news:
Me and my daughter's see-through Irish skin got sunburned. Badly. Check out the burn lines. I'm the beefy corn-fed farm girl in the middle:

Look at those skinny bitches. I'm going to take up smoking.

The good news:
I had my first outdoor art show.
The bad news:
It was so windy (And drizzly! And cold!) that I left at noon the second day.

The good news:
I had my second outdoor art show. Met many people that I have had email correspondence with. Nice to put an email name with a real person.
The bad news:
It rained the second day until mid afternoon. None of my neighbors showed up. I was the lone tent outside of Anthony's.

The good news:
My girlfriend Jen moved to Camano Island from California with her family. We live 5.6 miles away from each other now.
The bad news:
We've been having too much fun.

The Sierra Mist is just for show (left behind by the seven children in attendance). There was tequila shortly after this photo. There are photos but I am saving them for blackmailing purposes.

Tomorrow (Friday August 31) I hope to be at 22 Doors for the end of show reception (i.e. drinking wine, eating good food). Hope to see you there!


you look gorgeous in that dress!!! Sorry about your dad but i'm glad he's doing better. Yay Art Shows!!! Booo Rain!!! Yay Tequila!!! Enjoy what's left of the summer.

7:42 PM  

Sorry about your dad:-( But hope things are going better.
Was nice to read your little recap. You've been busy.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy 22 Doors!!!

9:31 PM  

You're the most wholesome-looking bridesmaid there, & from this distance it looks like a tan rather than sunburn. :-)

12:24 AM  

You aren't 'beefy', you just have a bigger frame than those girls and also taller by the look of it.

You are just as skinny as they are!

From one 'farm girl' to another ;)

Best Wishes


3:26 PM  

I must tell you that "look at those skinny bitches" made me fall down laughing. ;-)

5:44 AM  

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