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Friday, April 28, 2006
Yes, I realize that I have been MIA. Have I been busy painting? Hella Noah. First, these lovely people came to visit for a week:

Deception Pass

They are thinking of moving up here and I think that they definitely should. Even though I cut off the top of someone's head while taking a photo of an otherwise gorgeous family visiting Deception Pass, I never said I was a photographer, people. I never said that. The lovely woman in the photo is an old family friend (I've known her since she was in eighth grade!) from Cali who wants to escape all that is Cali. I think they should. Don't you? Does this family not scream, WE SHOULD LIVE IN WASHINGTON STATE. WE ARE FAR TOO TAN FOR OUR OWN GOOD?! If they lived in Washington, their skin would be the color of Lula. How could this not be appealing? Melanoma is never fun. We are very Ozone friendly! Not to mention that there is very little chance of seeing this, or heaven forbid THIS DANGEROUS CREATURE.

So, the week before the beautiful family came to visit was spent cleaning and organizing to thus trick gorgeous Cali people into thinking that we are moderately not white trashish- Thus our Evil Plan to trick them into thinking we are decent, upstanding members of the community ensues. We think said "evil plan" worked. They weren't quite as disgusted by us as anticipated- As far as we can tell. However, we still haven't gone over the benefits of rickets vs. Melanoma thus convincing them to move up here.

So then, the week comes and goes. Much fun was had and many a good laughs with said handsome family. Then it's back to business. Puppy business. I have decided to stop art biz when it comes time for puppies to find their way to their new homes. Which ironically, they don't do by themselves. Soooooooo . . . Contract, health guarantees, payment plans, and flight arrangements all need to be set. We're by no means a puppy mill with our six pups, but it's much more time consuming then it sounds- Especially if you like spending time with your family and dig a cleanish house. And these people you live with who you call your family (you did marry and give birth to them afterall . . . And not even to the same person!) typically expect you as the matriarch to feed them and supply cleanish clothes and stuff.

So no art. Just life as I know it. Which is pretty much on autopilot because my wee brain isn't big enough, or smart enough to handle much else. In fact, after a day of much busyness and running here and there from early afternoon until evening did I realize after getting into my pj's at 9:30 pm that my skirt was on sideways. Gee. I DO hope it was like that ALL day.

Oh, did I mention that we're also remodeling our bedroom and it's my job to tape, mud, texture, and paint the bedroom? Yeah. Been doing that as well. So, I lied. Painting yes. On walls. Not canvas. But I will participate this week's Illustration Friday. Oh yes. It will be done.

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