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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Food Crack
I have certain foods that I do not allow inside my house because I am addicted, and addictions are never pretty. The following is my list of food is crack which is banned from my home. Ironically, most of them were smuggled brought in as gifts this past week/weekend:

Sourdough bread
Salt and Vinegar Potato chips
No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies
Goldfish Crackers
Krispy Creme Donuts

And I must say that I have been many years clean on the No-Bake cookies, Cheezits, Goldfish crackers, and any kind of donut. Seriously. I have avoided them for YEARS. However, the last month or so has reunited me with my demons and I'm afraid I fell off the wagon.

The treadmill is making up for it. Vegas trip is coming up and I don't want to waddle into the airport, or have fear that my pants might explode at any given moment. Crap. Damn you carbs!!!

So what is your food crack? And no, don't email me. Put it here in comment form for the world to see. The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Let the world know that you are not invincible to food crack! Stand up for yourself!! Be heard. We say NO to CRACK. Crack is whack!!

I too have an addiction to carbs AND sugar! My weaknesses are:

moosetracks ice cream
RitterSport chocolates
Pizza (the gourmet style)

I have been on and off low-carb for the last six years. Every time I stick to it, I lose big. When I go off plan, I gain water weight but never all of the fat back. I have re-started three times this week, as my demons also knocked me way off my wagon. And then ran me over.

8:48 PM  

My Food Crack is as follows:
Salt n Vinegar/ BBq or Sour Cream n onion chips
Cookies and Cream Ice cream
Cheez its
French fries
Movie theater butter popcorn

I'm sure there is more but I may be in denial about them. I have a gym that I go to, but once I skip a day, it's easy to skip the next and before I know it, I skipped the whole week. Silly Me.

6:07 AM  

My guilty pleasures (okay crack!) are as follows:

Baby-Bell cheese
Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Breve with whip. (God, this one is going to be the death of me. I couldn't figure out why all this cellulite was just encrusted to my thighs. I saw from a reliable source on Oprah that once you have it, forget it, your man just has to accept you as is...) What I've done about this one is downsized to a regular tall peppermint mocha with no whip and we'll monitor the cellulite.

7:19 PM  

Some of these things have me really curious. Never heard of them! That's probably a GOOD thing.

9:34 PM  

I feel your pain. Someone asked me to make them no bake chocolate/peanut butter/oatmeal cookies and I just kept on no baking them! I ate I swear to God 2 dozen BY MYSELF in 3 days. Rafe was horrified.

9:56 PM  

Just discovered your great blog. (I'm new to this wacky phenomenon). In case you didn't already know, you're a pretty great writer.

7:58 AM  

Well, I have actual 'food groups', you know, like that stupid pyramid that the government creates. Mine include:
The Doritos group.
BY FAR - this one is my favorite!
The Oreos group, the Chip group (Doritos are not included as they are their OWN group, but potato chips and tortilla chips are in here, along with the sour cream and onion, green bag variety).
Phew - I feel skinnier already. :)

8:32 PM  

OH. There is something on ALL the lists above that I find to be food crack. I wonder if it's a girl thing? One of my guy friends said that it was double-doubles for him. I'm assuming he meant Oreos. To me, that is just nasty . . . But Oreos themselves are pretty tasty. I just don't eat them because they leave black crap all over your teeth. Maybe that can be an unappealing factor that forces you abhor Oreos? One can only hope. Worked for me.

8:54 PM  

Wine and cheese.
Could live off of it!

10:46 PM  

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