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Location: Camano Island, Washington, United States

I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Pop Rocks and Coke
Crap. Why didn't ya'll tell me that the link isn't working? Um. And hasn't been for QUITE some time? I have been so immersed in adding a shopping cart, and so determined to do it myself that my working braincells have been sucked into a vortex of codes; HTLM, CSS, JAVA, PHP, SQRL, and all kinds of other computer mumbo-jumbo that I would rather forget about. And truthfully, already have. I would just assume that the few and precious remaining brain cells function for the finer things in life such as breathing. And laundry. Mustn't forget laundry.

So, needless to say, website is STILL at a standstill. Thankfully, my head has been filled with the likes of orders, paintings, and skull-crushing ideas that will likely land me in the same muddy pond as a shopping cart that lets you choose various methods of payment AND lets you get to see what is your shopping cart. I have so many ideas in my head that I equate them to the simile of Pop Rocks- Powerful, shocking, colorful, but very VERY short-lived. And you wouldn't want to mix them with Diet Coke. Oh no. You could totally die. And we all know that caffeine and artificial sugars are at the top of the pyramid food chart in my world.

Instead of a live-in nanny or housekeeper, I would prefer a live-in computer geek. And Hellya, it would be UBER cool if said live-in geek not only did flippin' shopping carts, but knew their way around vacuums and other powerful cleaning tools like the the dishwasher.

Okay, it is late and I'm off to watch Housewives of Atlanta (on TIVO, natch) to be reminded of how truly inferior I really am as a human being.

I totally get you except I have a live-in computer geek and on occasion he's been known to break out the vacuum because his lazy ass wife can't break herself away from Facebook and blog tweaking long enough to do anything. It's sad when your husband runs out of underwear! Poor Dear.

Okay. Off to grab some breakfast and park it right back here. Laundry? Wait long enough and someone will do it. ;)

5:15 AM  

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3:06 AM  

hi i'm korean
i sometimes see your pictures.
ithink its amazing

actually i can't understand your some sentenses .
anyway i'll come again

5:44 AM  

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