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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.


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Monday, December 15, 2008
My Secret Santa
The good thing about Secret Santas is that one day, in your mailbox, quite unexpectedly, you get REALLY cool things. Better yet, it's uber cool if your SS is a jewelry designer. Now you've all heard me rave about Coleenabobeena and how much I love her stuff. But this year thanks to the crappy economy, I have been scooping on up some FANTASTIC deals. And let me tell you, these ladies don't scrimp. We are talking GORGEOUS hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, pass down to your heirs type of jewelry.

But first! I received these AWESOME earrings from Bella Jolie AKA Secret Santa. (Hi Trisha! Love the baubbles! You ROCK. How did you know I was wearing a red sweatshirt today? You are amazing.)

New Earrings

And then a few months back I got STUNNING jewlery from Elements by Dawn. So delicate and sparkly it makes my eyes tear to look at them.

AND THEN we have the earrings that make every fashionista envious with the girlie girl wearable art from On A String Designs. Oh, did I mention the sparkle? Oh yeah. They SPARKLE.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas is coming (hint. hint certain blog-readers). Go out there and support artists and their craft. Etsy is just screaming your name.

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those earrings are adorable. they look very nice on you by the way.

6:55 PM  

Very cute! Red is your color.

9:41 AM  

Oh they look so cute on you!!! Your art is beautiful also!

5:50 PM  

Earrings? I couldn't get past those eyes!

6:51 PM  

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