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Location: Camano Island, Washington, United States

I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Friday, December 05, 2008
We all eat mysterious things
I have a kitten that eats potatoes. I found that my stash of potatoes had been broken into after discovering Misty carrying around a mysterious object in her mouth. Mostly afraid to investigate suspicious object, I was relieved to find that it was merely a half-eaten potato. I didn't know kittens ate potatoes, or were aware of the food pyramid. However, when I tried to take object in question away from said kitten, there was a blatant refusal. Only after attempting to take contraband from kitten in question, did kitten abscond with starch food group where thereafter continued to nom nom nom the potato. I miss the old version. You know how much I hate it when I don't understand big words.

Mack Daddy of all blogging websites. The Holy Grail of ALL blogs . . . You know where I will be for the next Top 10 years.

My studio is deemed too cold to create in by the National Weather Forecast. Therefore, I have been taking a million tutorials on Photoshop. And yes, my half-ass website will probably stay mostly black on some pages while pink on others. A girl has the prerogative to be fickle, and I believe my website showcases that quite well. If creating a shopping cart wasn't so damn hard, it would be uniform in color by now. But whatev. I'm very busy stalking collecting online photos of Robert Pattinson to care about such details at the moment.

Holy crap. Um. Edited to add. I guess I have a "type". Here's a photo of my husband (cira 1992-1993) shortly before we were married. Notice any strong resemblances? Tall, dark, handsome, and PALE as all hell. Not to mention the Phwoofy hair, square jawline, cleft chin, and come hither stare. OMG. Wouldn't that be SO cool if I married a vampire?! I think I'm on to something. It would explain SO much!

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golly, I thought I was the only one googling Rob Pattinson. Too bad googling isn't a euphamism for something else.

8:40 AM  

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