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I like cheesecake, horses, sparkly pretties, and painting. I dislike listening to people chew, stalkers, and a bunch of other things. My favorite color is red.

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Monday, January 05, 2009
Completely Random Pissiness
Pissy things inside my head:

Deadlines first and foremost. Always with the deadlines. (insert choice cussing before "deadlines") Professional, financial, and personal deadlines. In that order.

The Christmas tree and all reminders of Christmas are gone. I am now officially The Grinch for wanting it all down in a most eager and violent way. I like to imagine Edward Scissorhands as my ultimate professor in Ornament Removal 101. (Could have something to do with the deadlines.)

I started running again. This is good and this is bad. I love running. My brain shuts off (for effin' once!) and all is quiet in my head while I run. The endorphins kick in and my body feels nothing. Almost like it doesn't belong to myself. Of course, it's still really hard to get motivated to actually DO IT. But God love Nike for that saying, just DO IT because it is a really powerful quote. Just do it. Just get up off your fat ass. Just put the potato chips down. Set the remote down. Just DO IT. However, my bad knee(s) will surely undermine this and I will be pissy and fat (again/still) in no time. Did I mention I run on a treadmill in front of my TV? Yeah. Nike can only get SO far inside my head.

Speaking of fat. I am in a zone where my clothes are no longer fitting me comfortably or attractively. This also makes me REALLY pissy. I'm considering investing in my own line of Mom jeans and/or replacing my regular jeans and inserting elastic at the back of the waist band. Like a low-rise Mom jeans. Cool, huh? Or . . . I could continue to wear out the one pair of track pants I have. Once those start getting tight, I'm meeting up with Carnie Wilson for advice. Or hit her up for money for lap band surgery. Too bad we're not friends or even acquaintances. Because that's kind of weird, isn't it? I would confer with Star Jones about it but she's kinda batshit crazy.

I finished the 4th book of the Twilight series. Seriously? No, seriously. I'm in mourning that there are going to be NO MORE Twilight books. No more Edward, Bella, or Jacob. I am honest to God sad. And yes, I realize how completely geeked out I sound. I am strong enough to admit that I'm geek enough. Oh, and that I can read.

Good Lord. I knew I was cranky, but I had no idea I was THAT pissy until this post. What is my antidote? How do I get out of this funk? Do you think that the cougar in me I should go chasing poor Rob Pattinson around confusing him for Edward Cullen? I'm totally cool with stalking. What do you think Rob would think of Mom jeans? Hot, right?

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ooooooooo-weeeh! You sound like I did earlier today before I had my nails done...all's better now!!
Maybe you got it out of your system by blogging.

Fab picture of Edward. I love the curl up and to the left.

Welcome home!

9:39 PM  

Hot photo of Edward/Rob. Did you know about Midnight Sun. You can read the rough draft online. It's Edward's version.

1:21 PM  

i read the series a little bit before the holidays and i loved it. My friend and I read it together and we'd discuss at work. yay for you and the running, I'm at the gym too, trying to "work it out". All my jeans are ripped at the seams. You're allowed to be pissy,how can we enjoy feeling good if we don't have feel bad times?

2:49 PM  

Just finished the online version of the 5th Twilight book. I can say now that I got my fill for today. What about tomorrow? Rob Pattinson is so not safe.

5:34 PM  

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