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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Interview with The Raw Artist
I was recently interview with Michel Leah, aka The Raw Artist of www.1millionpixelsartgallery. To read the interview, you can visit her blog, or your lazy butt can just scroll down. I recommend the former, because she's a very intriquing and talented artist. (and has very soothing a purty music on her website).


1) we get word that a meteor large enough to destroy earth will hit in 24 hours… how do you spend your last hours? Tracking down Tom Cruise. It's his fault somehow.

2) do you believe in reincarnation or do u think when your time is up that’s it? I believe in reincarnation, aliens, ghosts, and pop tarts.

3) you wake up tomorrow as someone else (past or present) -- who is it and why? My only request that it be anybody other than Paris Hilton . . . and of course Tom Cruise because it's probably his fault that I woke up as somebody else.

4) exquisite beauty or unmatched intelligence? Hm. Anna Nicole Smith keeps flashing in my mind which is really quite scary. But on the other hand I don't know if I could deal with having to do math every day. This is much too hard a question. It's hurting my brain. I need to rest now.

5) your partner/significant other, your mother, and your best friend can each have one word to describe you what word do you think they would use (answer before asking them)… then ask them and respond. Husband: Beeyatch. Mom: Smart. Best Friend: Perfect (She says this as a joke. Because I am so NOT.) Actual answers: Husband- Multifaceted. Mom- Joie de Vivre (Which means Joy of Life. I had to ask. Mom cheats. She used three words. In French. My head hurts. I need to rest.) Best Friend- Brilliant. (Which is why she is my best friend- Her remarkable ability to lie to me.)

6) you are on a nude beach… do you take it all off or just watch? Unless somebody pays me an exorbitant amount of money, the clothes stay on. Or unless I'm really drunk.

7) dog or cat person? Both. Got myself five dogs and three cats. There is much poop around here.

8) I turn on your cd or mp3 player on right now… what am I listening to? KT Tunstall, Carla Bruni, Joss Stone, Holly Palmer (I Confess Album), Nina Simone, Natasha Beddingfield, and a bit of Sia, Jem and Ani DiFranco.

9) what do you feel is your best characteristic… and what is your biggest fault? Best? I am good at multitasking. Worst? I forget what I'm doing. A LOT.

10) when I go to a hotel I bring my own sheets, pillow and flip-flops to where in the shower.. What are some of your quirks others may find unusual? I don't have any quirks! I can be quite annoying, but I am quirkless. I think that's my quirk.

11) you can change one thing about yourself… anything… what do u change? I need a quirk.

12) you wake up tomorrow with no desire to ever create art again… what do you do for a living? Professional Couch Potato and Wine Taster. (I can multitask professions.)

13) you’re currently reading… All Souls by Michael Patrick MacDonald and US Weekly for brain fluff.

14) your favorite movie of all time is… Heathers

15) your favorite actor & actress Scott Foley and Joaquin Phoenix are both my boyfriends right now, so I have to include them. Favorite actress? Keri Russell. I have an unhealthy obsession with Felicity actors. Perhaps this can be my quirk?

16) your most embarrassing moment is…. I have an uncanny ability to repress these memories. I know I did something recently. Probably yesterday. Or even this morning.

17) you’re afraid of…Bugs, heights and Donald Trump's hair.

18) you’re self conscious about….My hair. Which I cut myself. Jon Bon Jovi called and he wants it back.

19) three likes and three dislikes… please list… Likes: Cheesecake, Sparkly things, and the color red. Dislikes: Food smackers, Being ignored, and falling down.

20) your greatest accomplishment so far in your life… I don't wear t-shirts and stretch pants.

21) your epitaph will read…. She went down not wearing t-shirts and stretch pants.


… it is time to turn the tables… you can ask me any of the questions I’ve asked u or you are free to make up your own question.. Nothing is off limits… which question would u ask me and why? Why are you so purty and thin with good hair?

TOM CRUISE. i fly him out a few times a year 2 fix me up. u r right he is responsible for EVERYTHING!!

You are hilarious!! I agree, Tom Cruise would definitely be responsible for the meteor. ;-)

1:26 PM  

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